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My 2020 Wardrobe Post

Just like last year, I just re-used my previous header and edited the last number on Paint x'D
99% of my wardrobe is Moi-même-Moitié, plus a handful of Fairy Wish items.

There is no point for me to provide my link from last year, because I didn't sell anything so you will see the exact same pics here + the newer purchases that are dresses, and a few others.
Here is the link to my 2016 post in case you'd like to see some zooms on the items I already owned back then, plus shirts, hair accessories, etc: https://egl.livejournal.com/20008686.html

* * *
(ps : I'm mainly posting dresses and sets, occasionally adding an additional item when it was released to match with the dress or for various similar reasons)

bonus, I just bought this velvet skirt in black too <3. But I don't think my shopping service received it yet.

I wish I'd bought this Cross OP in black too. One day, maybe I will find it. I have to save some money first xD.

A collection I'm obviously very addicted to :


An exception to my "I'm skipping my shirts/cutsews" :
This is the shirt Mana is wearing with the previous black OP in the GLB, if I understood the auction's description correctly (thank you Google translate) :

These two jsks are my favorite ever <3

Poke Monologue-de-chi who used to own this (maybe still does?), I will never forget her pretty pics with this white OP <3.

I love this lace so much <3. FYI in the bonus of the first Moi dix Mois DVD, Mana is wearing this OP on stage during a concert with a nun collar on top <3.

I love nun dresses in general, and I'm addicted to velvet, so I love this dress a lot.

The feelings I have for these 2 dresses <3 <3 <3
The feelings I have for Moitie in general <3 <3 <3

Moitie velvet is my life.

This is the kind of OP I'd be happy to own in any colorway <3. I love that lace in general, on this velvet OP or on the 2 previous ones.

I own the matching red bag but the pic is old (from the flat I lived in 6-8 years ago)

The shirt Mana wears with the previous dress and cape (in Magnifique photobook and in a GLB) :

Mana wears the following outfit in the Magnifique photobook (cape included):

Set items that haven't been included earlier in this post :

... Yes... I have a thing for doubles in different colorways. Yes, I am seriously addicted to Moitie, Yes, my heart (and wallet) belongs to moitie xD.

Super happy to have found this set in 2019! <3

This cape comes in a set with the Rozencreuz series (velvet jsk or skirt) but I only own the cape in black.


...so far I avoided posting several pictures for the same item but I'll keep this one here, it's the back of the previous picture.

Bonus, some of the other Moitie items I bought in 2019 that didn't fit in the previous categories :

(from the re-release)

I can't really bring myself to post the rest (shirts / cutsews / other bags and accessories / socks), this post is already long enough for me.

I'll just keep these super old pics of my shoes in here because I love them to death <3.

and now... on to Fairy Wish <3 <3  :

And that's the end of my post this year :)

Thank you for taking the time to look!
Best wishes to all of you for 2020.

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