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Azuki's Wardrobe, 2020 Edition: Rainbows in the Dark

Hello! This is my fourth wardrobe post! Previous years: 2019 | 2018 | 2017

I wear primarily mature sweet and classic styles with dark color bases (especially black and red) but I like to try lots of different things, so there are a wide variety of colors and motifs. Background about my path to this beautiful, frilly hobby is here. I have been interested in the fashion since 2001, and actively collecting and wearing it since 2013.

Due to time limitations and the size of my collection, I am only posting main pieces this year. Names in italicized text are new for this year. Detail shots and a short story about each piece are located on my blog if you're interested.

For those it may inspire, I am plus sized but tend not to make a big deal of it, and just attempt to find what I think looks and fits nicely on me. The collection you see below is the result of 6 years of trial and error. Nearly all of these pieces will fit 110 cm bust and 95-100 cm waist with no alterations. I will also note that I'm pretty short (5 ft 1 in / 153 cm tall).

I frequently enter my historical detective work on Metamorphose items into Lolibrary, so I did the nerdy thing and linked the entries for many items that had them. If you have funds to spare, please consider a Patreon or Paypal donation to this valuable, unique resource that we all take for granted and then complain about when it stops working. It is maintained completely by volunteers, and paid for entirely by donations from the community and the site administrators' own personal funds. We're finally able to create new entries again, so it's going to be a lot more active than it has been in the last couple of years.


Physical Drop Standing Collar Princess OP (2017)
Maxicimam Lovely Rose Perpetuelle Gilet Style Cutsew OP (2018)
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Shirring Princess JSK (20??)
FanPlusFriend Frill Circle Skirt (2008)
Enchantlic Enchantilly Trois Ribbon JSK (2013)

MR Angel Wing A Line OP (2017)
Maxicimam Bunny's Sweet Wonderland Sailor Skirt (2015)
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Shirring JSK (2007)
Metamorphose Short Sleeve Shirring OP (2001)
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Alice and Bambi Shirring OP (2004)

Metamorphose Lurex Raschel Lace Shirring JSK (2014)
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Amaretto Ribbon JSK (2012)
Alice and the Pirates Night in the Devil's Castle JSK II (2016)
Angelic Pretty Drained Cherry Tiered JSK (2015)
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Strawberry Tart JSK (2012)

Metamorphose Dozing Cat Hakama Tuck JSK (2015)
Metamorphose Romantic Kimono Hakama Tuck JSK (2014)
Metamorphose The Beauties of Nature Pleated JSK with Vine Print Ribbon (2018)
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Sugar Bouquet JSK (2005)
Metamorphose Happy Cake Skirt (2006)

Angelic Pretty Märchen Ribbon Back Frill JSK (2011)
Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy Going Out JSK (2010)
Metamorphose Sweets Time Shirring JSK (2009)
Metamorphose Wonder Card/Card Playing Kitty Sweet Heart JSK (2012)
Metamorphose Perfume Bottle Frill Skirt (2010)

Metamorphose Swan Embroidery Skirt (2007)
Sweet Mildred Rabbit Shirring OP (2017)
Triple Fortune Lily Cross Babydoll OP (2017)
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Halloween Alice JSK (2013)
Metamorphose Secret Eden Special Set JSK, Mini Length (2014)

Metamorphose Fantasy Parade Shirring JSK (2016)
Metamorphose Princess Crown Bouquet Shirring JSK (2009)
Atelier Pierrot Night Church JSK (2016)
Metamorphose Sweets Parade Mini Skirt (2012)
Metamorphose Cat Border/Melody Cat Mini Skirt (2012)

Enchantlic Enchantilly Crown of the Violet Princess Skirt (2019)
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Tartan Shirring Princess JSK (2009)
Angelic Pretty Country of Sweets Shirring JSK (2011)
Angelic Pretty Classic Fairy Tales JSK (2015)
Metamorphose Royal Stripe JSK (2019)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Princess Honey's Tea Salon Gathered Bodice JSK (2012)
HMHM Classical Velveteen Chandelier Embroidery JSK (2009)
Metamorphose Rejeana Velveteen JSK, Mini Length (2016)
Alice and the Pirates Flim Flam Brass Band JSK (2015)
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Shirring JSK (2009)

Metamorphose Candy Bottle Puff Sleeve OP (2016)
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Heart Marguerite ~The Love Hidden in My Heart~ JSK II (2017)
Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy Triple Frill JSK (2009)
Angelic Pretty Sweet Ribbon Strawberry Shirring JSK (2008)
Metamorphose Kimono Print Marie JSK and Headdress (2017)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Collection Douce Chocolatier Praline JSK (2014)
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Bunny's Sparkly Droplet Rendezvous JSK (2014)
Metamorphose Polka Dot Bustle Shirring OP (2006)
Metamorphose Candy Shower A Line OP (2014)
Baby Ponytail Polly's Garden of Dreams JSK (2018)

Triple Fortune Lily of the Valley Babydoll OP (2017)
Metamorphose Nostalgic Matryoshka Doll Lace Up JSK (2016)
Atelier Pierrot Rose Lace Bustle Corset OP (2011)
Metamorphose Gingham Cherry Shirring JSK (2007)
Maxicimam Lovely Classical Sucrerie JSK (2015)

Sheglit Pendant Lamp OP (2016)
Alice and the Pirates Kitten's Wonder Night Tea Party JSK II (2016)
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Stardust Fantasia ~Horoscope of Twin Star Kittens~ JSK II (2015)
Metamorphose Cotton Candy Shirring JSK (2012)
Triple Fortune Submerged Roses Ribbon OP (2016)



Metamorphose Cat Border Frill JSK (2012)
Carina e Arlequin Stripe Shirring JSK (2009)
Alice and the Pirates Tartan Check Bustle JSK (2012)
Marble Asymmetrical Frill Skirt (unknown year)
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Bunny Ear Headband (2015)
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Cards Lace Bunny Ear Headband (2014)
A3 The Candy Tower Wonderland Heart Bag (2018)
Alice and the Pirates Cabriole Ribbon Shoes (2015)
Metamorphose Cotton Blend Raschel Lace OTKs (unknown year)
Metamorphose Secret Laboratory OTKs (2015)

Lolita related thoughts and reflections on my year are below and on my blog if you are curious.

2019 goals: how did I do?

  1. Downsize the collection to no more than 45 main pieces, excluding ones I wear with/as my normal clothes (this means a net offloading of 10). I still managed a net gain of items. I managed to sell 18 of the main pieces I had last year, but there are 25 new ones since last year (net gain of 7) and there were others I bought that I sold immediately because they didn't work for me. While clearly I'm not great at downsizing, I am good at selling pieces when I have decided I no longer want them. Most often the motivation comes from making a new purchase, though.

  2. Complete alterations on the two pieces I bought specifically for altering. Metamorphose Swan Embroidery Skirt will be turned into a bustle skirt, and Metamorphose Wonder Card/Card Playing Kitty Sweet Heart JSK will be turned into an apron skirt. This did not happen. I am still scared to take apart the JSK, even though I have a pretty good plan of what I need to do to it. The skirt is taken apart. I think the thing holding me back is that I have no specific set of directions to follow. I am skilled enough to make it work, just need the confidence to not worry about messing it up.

  3. Throw a tea party at my house. Done! I did this in September. We had quite a big group and a whole lot of prosecco that disappeared entirely too quickly. It was lots of fun, and I even got to dress up some of the attendees. I would love to make this at least a once per year thing.

  4. Go to a brand tea party for a brand I like (Metamorphose, Physical Drop, Atelier Pierrot, Baby, maybe Angelic Pretty) if funds and time allow. This did not happen, mainly because opportunities that would really excite me were inconvenient due to where they were taking place and/or how they were timed; I found out about them too late to attend them in a way that I could easily plan for. However, I'm already planning to check this off in 2020 because I have a ticket to Paradiso, where Metamorphose, Atelier Pierrot AND Triple Fortune will be guests. Also, now that I have been to Europe I would also consider going to an event there.

  5. Attend at least one meetup in each community I am part of. Done. I had dinner in Milwaukee in February and went to a tea party in Chicago in July.

  6. Sew two pairs of bloomers. This didn't happen either, probably because I found cheap ones to purchase.

Favorite experiences/memories

  • Going to two conventions with friends and dressing up all of both weekends. My feet hated me for all the uncomfortable shoe choices I made but I had a lovely time.

  • International Lolita Day (ILD) celebrations. I made more of a point to make them special days for me personally. For summer, I planned an afternoon tea service and walk in the gardens and retro arcade. My friends just happened to be available and interested, and it was one of my favorite days of this entire year. For winter, I tried to plan something similar last-minute and my friends weren't available and it made me a little sad even though I knew it'd probably not work on such short notice...and then my partner offered to take me on a date instead, which I thought was incredibly sweet. He is a sweetheart, and also the best bullshit armor. When you're out and about dressed to the nines and A Mantm is with you, people definitely still stare but practically no one dares to ask questions about your clothes, make comments about your appearance, or surreptitiously attempt to take your photo. While I lament that this is still the reality of our society in the year 2019, I loved being able to go out in public in peace.

  • Hosting a tea party at my house in September. We had a really fun photo shoot, lots of good food, and no actual tea, just prosecco. Whoops. My sister also let me dress her up :)

  • Being a guest on the Dreamy Coordinate podcast! Honestly I was surprised a stranger from the internet wanted to talk with me for a whole hour, lol. Liz is a lovely, friendly individual and easy to converse with. She made me sound less awkward and we got to go on a violet-tinged imaginary adventure while being halfway across the world from each other. I have since gathered most of the items I need to create the coordinate I dreamed up!

  • Lolibrary's item creation going back up at the end of December after 2+ years. I've got so much catching up to do, but gathering all the information scattered across the internet about our treasures and neatly preserving it in one place is so satisfying to me.

Other important things I have learned

  • I'm getting a good general sense of the amount of time that it takes for me to get ready: roughly 90 minutes if I'm wearing a wig. Maybe a little more if I'm doing makeup I haven't tried out before. More like 30-60 minutes if I'm using my natural hair, depending on makeup and how much hair styling I need to do. I have my under-wig hair and wig securing method down pat, and I have a reliable method for tying headwear ties behind my head (thanks lapis_child). While ties in front looks particularly nice for doll style outfits, I feel it usually looks so much cleaner with ties behind the head.

  • I have been trying out more colorful and bold makeup looks. I am starting to get a sense of what I think looks good on me, and I'm working on being able to reproduce it consistently, though I will admit that sometimes I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm trying my best anyway. The trick was not being afraid to put color on the area outside my eyelid (whee hooded eyelids) but also getting a sense of exactly where outside the eyelid that should be. I am finding I like dark colors and pink the best. Am I just going through the learning cycle that most teen girls do? Still don't know, but I am trying my best.

  • I very recently learned that the DSLR camera my partner owns can be remotely controlled from my phone via WiFi. This is WAY quicker than the previous method I used. I can also transfer the photos directly from the camera to my phone! I look forward to learning to use it better.

  • The sewing goals didn't really work. Even though I would like to make more of my items, I am coming to realize I need something else to motivate me besides a nebulous future goal. If I am sewing the thing for an outfit I know I am wearing to an event, I think that's when I'm most likely to get it done.

2020 goals

  1. Reduce wardrobe size, or at least continue to keep my wardrobe at a size where I can store everything. If it gets much bigger I'm going to run out of places to store things, and I sometimes FORGET WHAT I HAVE even despite my very meticulous record keeping. The concrete number to meet didn't work, so I think it's going to take a lot more being honest with how things fit and only keeping the stuff that is not only cute but also comfortable to wear for multiple hours at a time. Another huge thing to think more about as I make purchases: yes it's cute and yes it will fit and I even have a coordinate in mind for it, but will I actually make time to wear it?

  2. Attend at least one meetup or event in each community I am part of. I like this goal because I want to be more social in person, and I finally feel like I'm starting to make some friends in the comms maybe because they've started to recognize my face, so I'm doing it again.

  3. Long distance twinning! I already have one in the works and it's been fun so far, and I feel like I have enough acquaintances on the internet now that I could ask and it wouldn't be weird. If you have a similar style/same print piece and are interested let me know!

  4. Go to a brand tea party for a brand I like (Metamorphose, Physical Drop, Atelier Pierrot, Baby, Triple Fortune) if funds and time allow. Well on my way already! I have a ticket to Paradiso because Metamorphose, Atelier Pierrot and Triple Fortune will be guests there, and people seemed to have a really good time last year, and I have enough time to plan for it financially. I can't tell if the tea party will be for a specific brand but it will be exciting to have all three of them in one place.

  5. Take more photos with the fancy camera while I'm dressed up. As mentioned earlier, I am looking forward to learning how to use the remote control capabilities of the camera to explore the kinds of photos I can take with it.

  6. Try false eyelashes to see if they're for me. I bought a pair several months ago but haven't tried them yet. Afraid of gluing my eyes shut, or something like that. I would feel better about it if someone who has worn them before were there to supervise me when I put them on.

  7. Read Rocking Horse Ballerina. I have a copy, and I've been wanting to read it for a long time. I don't have to finish if I don't like it. I have read a bunch of Kenji Ohtsuki's short stories and liked most of them, so I think I'd like his longer format stuff too.

Thanks for reading!

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