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Z's 2019 Wardrobe Post: 10+ Years of Cute

Z's 2019 Wardrobe

Hello folks! You probably don't know me unless you've met me on Lace Market. I'm Z, an antisocialita with no lolita friends or comm, but I've been living the cute life on my own for a looong time. I go full lolita about twice a week, and am sure to dress well every other day too. I have an unhealthy fashion obsession, especially with h.Naoto. Now, you finally get to see my treasures... For my first post ever on LJ, I bring to you my beautiful wardrobe! This is the result of mostly 10+ years of birthdays, Christmases, and events. (Though some of it is from my own compulsive shopping..)
If I'm doing anything wrong here, kindly let me know and I'll try to change it... I have no idea how to do anything on LJ, so I'm not sure if the cuts I put in worked. I also have this on my profile here.

Welcome to my closet full of beauties. >w< Closet rod doubler is my savior, lol.
Top: Tights, petticoats, failed/old sewing projects hiding in the corner.
Middle left: Blouses by color, then sleeve length/weight.
Bottom left: Jackets, boleros, vests, skirts.
Right: Dresses!
Far right (hidden): Coats

Let's start with what you're probably here for: ~Dresses~!
Get ready for a lot of IW and AATP
Innocent World's Crown Carousel matches oddly well with AP's Twinkle Carnival OTKs.

Alice and the Pirates Iforgetthename, Innocent World Classical JSK

Innocent World Gertrude JSK, h.Naoto Frill bustled card embroidery JSK

Alice and the Pirates Lock the Pandora's Memories JSK, Innocent World Cocoette JSK

Innocent World Pietro Angel and Classical Angel JSKs. I swear, Classical Angel would be a lot more popular if you knew how beautiful this fabric is. Detailed, soft, print on fabric with flowers woven in.

Metamorphose Swan Border and Secret Eden, two dresses I really love.

Innocent World Velveteen Rose Crown and Cinderella to the Ball JSK. Cinderella has to be in my top 5 dresses, even if it's not very rare. It fits great and has soft, warm courduroy fabric and a beautiful bustled back. Really makes me feel like a princess. :3

Alice and the Pirates Grimoire of Moonlight (why is this upside down?) and Castle of Nightmare vest+skirt set. Fantastic gothic prints with beautiful frames! Grimoire always gets lots of compliments. <3

Alice and the Pirates Stained Glass Angel and Baby the Stars Shine Bright Koitsukihime first release. Big treasures here. AATP version has that lovely purple, but the original Baby version is just... Ohhhhh~ It's both my shame and crowning jewel of my collection, and is the most expensive thing I've ever bought, by far. It fits like it was tailor made for me (about 2 inches smaller than the AATP version), and the print is so~ detailed!

DSC04285.JPG These deserve a back image too because this is the biggest difference between them. The print on the original version is aligned perfectly absolutely everywhere on the dress, where on the AATP version it's only aligned for the front panel.

Long Ears Sharp Ears Blood Moonlight Waltz (buttons replaced by me), Alice and the pirates Rose Jail 30th Anniversary JSKs. Waltz is a surprisingly nice, textured fabric.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Regimental Crown and a bustled scotty dog dress made my me.

Innocent World Charles Crown and English Rose (long but I wish it was short :x )

Millefleurs, Innocent World Ball at Versailles

Angelic Pretty Musee du Chocolat, Innocent World Antique Book. Musee is actually my only AP dress because they're usually too expensive. (Got a fantastic deal on this one, though.) The low waist is super becoming, espeically with that brown front piece too.

Metamorphose Classic Bouquet Low Waist and a mystery Meta dress with cherub print. (better pic of the print here) This mystery dress is one of my top 5, and fits amazingly. I've had random people who see me walking tell me it's my best dress. xD

Innocent World Cendrillon Scallop and Atelier Pierrot courduroy JSK. Cendrillon scallop is eerily similar to a print I had on a much less fancy dress as a child..

Innocent World Elda blouse+JSK (the one the Dal doll Claire wears), and IW Classical vest+skirt+mini hat set. Love these! I've had strangers ask for my picture in both. xD

Innocent World Grazia Crown (but why is it alone?)

Metamorphose Romantic Alphabet JSK+jacket+headbow set, Innocent World British Crown (long but I wish it was short!)

Liz Lisa castle embroidery, Innocent World Moonlight Church (long but I'm not in the process of turning it into a tiered shorter version)

Metamorphose Secret Eden special set OP turned into a JSK by me, h.Naoto heaven denim JSK

Omg, can you believe we're done with dresses? Now it's time for things that are a lot more compact...

What, I have that many dresses and only this many skirts? Oh no, I live in skirts... you'll see... ;D
Top row: Alice and the Pirates Regimental Carousel (fits SO well!), Queen's Coach skirt+bonnet+socks set
Bottom row: AaTP Relief JSK-turned-skirt by me, Innocent World Chiffon Stripe Skirt

Two beautiful h.Naoto Frill fishtailed skirts from my love. <3  Fronts here

Top row: Taobao, Classical Puppets awesome adjustable chiffon instant-ballroom skirt, more Taobao
Bottom Row: Fan+friend skirt with attached bloomers, AATP mini skirt with attached bloomers, another F+F. I live in these F+F skirts in the winter. They're super comfy, and the attached bloomers means no draft.
Top row: 2x adjustable hoop skirt pettis. Not too pretty, but they're essential for summer. All the breeze of being in just your bloomers with none of the indecency.
Middle Row: offbrand, h.Naoto Frill
Bottom Row: h.Naoto Frillx3 (Frill makes the best pettis. I have another one of these at my other house too.)

Top row: Dolly Delly
Middle row: Axes Femme, Hangry&Angry, another Axes Femme
Bottom row: Bodyline (this is like my oldest item, lol), AatP, h.Naoto Frill

I have a habit of buying taobao blouses in both black+white, so those are stacked.
Why is this one so dark..?
Top row: Baby, Taobao, Tiny Gardenx3
Middle row: Axes Femme, Innocent Worldx3, another Axes Femme
Bottom row: Yilia, Captain Mirror Sea, AP, mystery Japanese indie

Top row got totally washed out in the light, better pic here. Sorry.
Top row: IW, Sweet Fragrance, Meta, Ozz Croce
Middle row: AP, Taobao, taobao warm lined blouses I live in in winterx4 colors, more taobao
Bottom row: Soufflesong, Yilia, h.Naoto Steam, Frill, Axes Femme on top of a modded blouse by me

Vests and longer things
Top: Axes Femme
Bottom: h.Naoto Blood, h.Naoto frill (used to be attached to a blouse, removed it myself)

I wear these casually or with dresses, so basically all the time.
Top row: Bodyline, h.Naoto Blood, Innocent World, Ozz Croce
Middle row: h.Naoto frillx3, Axes Femmex2
Bottom row: h.Naoto frillx2 more, Hangry&Angry, another h.Naoto

I wear all these regularly too
Top row: Baby Katie Coat, Forever 21 (majorly modded by me)
Bottom row: Short coat by me, h.Naoto Jelly, BPN

h.Naoto Jelly, Taobao Sweet Angel, AP

Metamorphose Velvet Fleur De Lis Embroidery Coat OP, h.Naoto Frill Velvet Bustled Coat OP

Infanta Nightingale Coats! 2nd release in navy. Super warm, fuzzy lined. First release in black. Much lighter with that great bustled back.

A deery obsession. BtSSB Sweet Fawn coats+muffler, Sweet Dreamer earmuffs, offbrand other muffler and boot covers, fur muff made by me.

Here's my overcluttered shoe+bag space! Wonderful shoe locker courtesy of someone's trash.

Omg, shoes! Yes, I do love shoes. (Better side view here )
Back row: Angelic Imprint, IW, h.Naoto (modeled in Tokyo in these!), Rieker, Axes Femme x3 (Axes makes shockingly comfortable shoes, and I can walk for miles in them.)
Middle row: Indie, Rieker x4 (some modified by me), Yosuke, Castle Too, Angelic Imprint
Bottom row: Olive&Edie x2 (large children's shoes, far left are my cute DDR shoes), IW, offbrand x2, Axes Femme x2, Liz Lisa, Angelic Imprint, Aldo (can't really see it, soo far to the side)

Yes, I also love knee socks. A few were in the wash and are missing.
Top row, summer socks: Taobao x3, Baby replica, h.Naoto x2, indie Japanese, Emily Temple Cute, Baby replica, Taobao
Middle row: Hangry&Angry, IW x7, Baby, AATP, IW, AATP, Taobao, IW x2, AP
Bottom row: Offbrand x2, AP, AATP, Putumayo, Taobao, IW, a+lidel, Babyx3, Offbrand x6, AP, offbrand

Hats and Headwear
(Headbands can be seen better here )
Headbands: All sorts. Taobao, Meta, Moitie cross lace, Skeleanimals, more Meta, Taobao, AP, offbrand
Row 2: Hats all made by me! <3
Row 3: Taobao veil headband, taobao hats x3, offbrand bonnet
Row 4: All offbrand/taobao

Top row: All h.Naoto Frill
Middle row: Liz Lisa, Loris, Baby, h.Naoto, Taobao
Bottom Row: Liz Lisa, h.Naoto Frill, Blood x2
Pouches and other Accessories
Top row, scarves: h.Naoto Frill, Sixh.
Middle section: Baby earmuffs, bunch of taobao lace chokers, BPN choker with rings, h.Naoto Crown choker, Hangry&Angry
Bottom row: Taobao, Made by me x2, Hangry&Angry

An assortment of jewelry... Front view here
Rings: Mostly heirlooms, crowns on the hand are Justin Davis, Crown on cushion is Sheglit, cupid is from Taobao shop "Special"
Necklaces: A lot of vivienne Westwood orbs! All cheap used from Y!JA, I'm poor. Carousel in Betsey Johnson, Bird skull is Martha Rotten, Black cross necklace is Sixh.
Wrist wear: Red Maria, Baby wrist cuffs, bracelets from antique stores, Offbrand wrist cuffs, more Red Maria cuffs

Another thing I love (probably because I wasn't allowed to get my ears pierced til I was 17, and was dying to wear cool earrings all that time!)
Picture didn't come out too great, my bedroom is dark.
Top row: Martha Rotten x4, Taobao x3, Sheglit, More Taobao
Row 2: Jane Marple, Taobao/offbrand x2, Betsey Johnson x6
Row 3: Basically all offbrand, small crowns and hearts at the right are Betsey Johnson
Row 4: Hoops from stepmom, rest is used VW/Taobao
Row5: Flowers from stepmom, Japanese offbrand, Putumayo, Made my be x4, more Putumayo, offbrand x2
Row 5: Taobao x4, Hangry&Angry, String Dolls
...And I don't know where to put this, so here it is.
...And then these was this. It doesn't really fit in any sections. I've never even had a chance to wear it, and don't know if I ever will. (I wanted to wear it to a real matsuri in Japan..)  But it's a super rare, unique Hangry&Angry kimono!

Oh, you don't think it ends there, do you? Time for...
A Tribute to Casual Lolita!
Meet my bedroom! I basically sleep in a walk-in closet at this point. (A fully labeled version of this picture is here so you know what's what. ;) ) If you were wondering where my h.Naoto obsession was, here it comes.

Tops - Cutsew edition
Top row: h.Naoto Blood
Middle: h.Naoto Frill
Bottom: Hangry&Angry

All t-shirts. Yes, I wear these with skirts. Punky lolita is very cute. <3
Top section: h.Naoto/Hangry&Angry, all from modeling with them
Middle: H.Naoto Blood, Anarchy, H&A, Anarchy, Blood
Bottom: h.Naoto Anarchy, MAM, Sexpot, AATP

Top: BPN, H.Naoto Frill, h.Naoto Honey, Axes Femme x2
Middle row: h.Naoto Blood, Frill, Blood, Frill, Blood (coulda arranged these better)
Bottom: Mar Jours, h.Naoto Frill x3, h.Jelly

Summer Hangry&Angry casual dresses
Black miquiri, Hangry&Angry x2, Putumayo

Top row: H.Naoto Blood, BPN x2, h.Naoto Blood
Middle row: Hangry&Angry
Bottom: h.Naoto Blood, Frill x3, Gramm

Can't be punky/gothy all the time... All Axes Femme except 2nd gray one.

3/4 sleeves... h.Naoto Heaven, Hangry&Angry, Blood, h.Eaven

Bottom Wear - Casual Edition!
Waist pouches for when I'm too lazy to haul around a bag. Very useful.
Top row: made by me
Bottom row: h.Naoto

Shorts, Culottes, Sukapan/"Deceptive Shorts"
These are essential for being cute while playing DDR. Even cute girls have to exercise. :3
Top row: Dolly Delly, Sixh., Ozz Croce
Row 2: Axes Femme, Liz Lisa, Honey Bunch
Row 3: Axes Femme x2, h.Naoto Steam
Row 4: h.Naoto Honey, Frill, Sixh. Nine.

h.Naoto skirts are the most comfortable casual wear there is.
Top row: h.Jelly, BPN, H.Naoto Blood, offbrand
Middle row: h.Naoto Frill, Sixh. Frill, Gramm
Bottom row: All Hangry&Angry. (first one is the one Dal doll Angry wears, middle is my fave, all are awesome.)

That's it! :o
Can you believe it? It went on forever, didn't it?  There are a few extra angles and pics you can find in the 2019 Wardrobe folder from my profile, as well as a small folder of non-lolita and mostly h.Naoto punky wear if you're curious about the entirety of my fashion collection. I figured I might as well take pics of everything at once.

Some closing stats, for fun!
Time it took to do this entire thing: Around 16 hours (I'm slow)
Dresses: 40, 7 cutsews  (Top 4: IW Cinderella, mystery Meta cherub dress, Baby Koitsukihime, AATP Grimoire of Moonlight)
Blouses: 19 short sleeve, 18 long sleeve
Skirts: 6 fancy, 12 casual, 6 underskirts, 7 petticoats
Cutsews: 9 tanktops, 31 short sleeve, 21 longsleeve
Outers: 9 coats, 5 short coats
Hats: 9
Shoes: 26
Headbands and socks: too many to count!

Coming in the mail: 1 sukapan, 2 cutsew dresses, 1 skirt, 1 dress
Things I didn't photograph because they're in my "try to sell this" pile: about 10
~Goals for 2020~

  • Acquire AatP Vampire Prelude JSK or skirt in black/purple, IW Angel Rose Basket JSK in black, and IW Noble JSK in black and white.

  • Also get a proper lolita raincoat!

  • Sell at least 7 dresses, concentrate on getting to wear my favorites more.

  • Start selling hats and other accessories made by me!

  • Buy less :x

And of course...

  • Make some lolita friends!

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