enderoftheend (enderoftheend) wrote in egl,

Who's order is this??

If anyone is around Sydney, Australia and has ordered an Ophelia JSK as well as a sweater, blouse and some kind of fox bag(?) from DevilInspired, I have your order!
I don't know how this happened, but it looks like they mixed up yours and my order. When I received it I was very confused and I checked the shipping details of both orders. It looks like my order, which is a hat from Gardenia, was originally being sent to Erskine Park before the address was changed "at request of the customer" and is now being sent to Sydney.
I also emailed DevilInspired letting them know.
If you know/are this person please contact me! Once the hat has arrived at yours we can swap and then yell at DevilInspired for this mix-up.

Tags: finds: real life
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