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Wardrobe 2019-2020

Hi everyone :) welcome to my wardrobe and sorry I'm still not good at taking pictures, I moved to Japan and got a Samsung phone that isn't great. I did leave a lot of coats, shoes, and bags back in the states but this is the majority of lolita I have, not too many dresses are stored away. I tried not to
include things I want to sell but I would like to downsize more and am in the process of trying to do so.

I got more into gothic this year, I will post it more or less gothic, then classic, then sweet, then blouses and socks. Some of the pieces cross over between substyles, that's something I enjoy since they're versatile for coordinating

Moitiè- Sleeping Garden

Metamorphose and AATP

Sheglit and AATP- Mother Goose Cock Robin

Meta- Dark Night Guardian and Moitiè- Neo-Gothic Arch

AATP- Night at Devil Castle and Atelier Pierrot

AATP and Meta

AATP- Rosy Night Masquerade

Moitie (sold this recently since I hadn't ever worn it) and Meta

IW- Chemical Lace Flare OP and AATP

Meta- Raschel Trumpet Sleeve Flare OP

Le Flacon and Fleurs du Mal

Metamorphose Bouquet Print


BTSSB Veronica Elisse and Pastoral in the Green Grass

The Black Ribbon

Innocent World

Metamorphose and Physical Drop

IW- Crest Gobelin and AATP- Vintage Label Collection

Innocent World and Victorian Maiden

AATP and taobao

Metamorphose- Antique Bouquet/ Rose Gobelin


IW- Pompadour Bustle


IW. I go back and forth between wanting to sell my IW pieces and loving them/ wanting more

Meta Crown Label and BTSSB

BTSSB- Strawberry Heart Drop


Metamorphose- Teddy Gobelin and Secret Eden

BTSSB Polonaise Brilliant. I have the black set for sale because I found the ivory later!

AP- Mercator Antique Shop and Wonder Queen special set

Meta Kimono Print and Dozing Cat

AP- Princess Rococo and Rose Museum


BTSSB Gelato Ribbon and AP Sugary Carnival. It's soooo faded from washing

AP magical etoile and some dreamy holy aquarium thing

Meta and Baby

Meta, AATP, Moitie

Lots of Sheglit (underrated af) and an AATP aristocrat coord I haven't worn yet

Not all my socks and blouses but the majority of them

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