February 11th, 2018


[wardrobe post 2018]

Attempt №2 as LJ ate my first post and it never went through.
Apologies for posting so late - this is my first wardobe post and I horribly underestimated the amount of time it required. I also decided to include just my main pieces to save some time where I could. Next time, I'll be sure to start well in advance and take pictures of everything else.
2017 was my first full year in lolita, so I kinda went ham and bought a lot of stuff on impulse or because I thought it was a good deal, and I also like to try different styles rather than settle on one, so if I had to describe my wardrobe with one word, it would not be "cohesive" for sure :) I think it's what some people call "eclectic"? Apart from a heavy preference for navy, blue and green, my wardrobe is pretty all over the place, but tbh that's exactly the way I like it.

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Without further ado!
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