January 31st, 2018

Chichiri's wardrobe 2018


This is my third wardrobe post. Previous ones: 2017, 2016. I've been in fashion since 2014.

What happened to me last year:
1) I gave up on labelling myself as a classic lolita. I still like florals and Innocent World, but I also can't resist cute animal prints, silly hats and bright colours.
2) I am back to buying and wearing dresses after a year of boystyle experiments. There are just too many beautiful dresses out there.
3) I am kind of back to sewing clothing for myself, at least I found a new direction. Let's see how it goes.
4) I discovered a huge and crazy love for green and decided to give it a go.

Sadly I did not have much time to invest in making this post, so I only took pictures of my new stuff and reused the pictures from last year. I edited everything at night so the colours may look wierd. Sorry for that.

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My wardrobe in the snow 2018

Last minute posting! This is my second wardrobe post here; I've been enchanted by lolita for thirteen years, but only really started building a wardrobe three years ago. Since I live in a log cabin in a northern part of the northern hemisphere, the indoor lighting is horrible in January and so I must venture outside to photograph...

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Wardrobe 2018 cute_dark_lady

Hi everyone!

I'm back to another wardrobe post. Sadly my older posts are not working anymore due to Photobucket wanting money. So I hope there are no problems displaying this one.

I wasn't sure if I made it this year. My 15 months old daughter tried to sabotage it to her best abilities and the lighting was always very bad.

But I will try to be better next year. This year I'm only showing my main pieces. ANd excuse me my lazy brain, I do not remember most dress/Skirt names...

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Mimi's Sloppy wardrobe post 2018

Last year I made a sloppy wardrobe post with just main pieces, now it's a sloppy post with almost everything with the exception of accessories, with some pictures from last year recycled :'D
This time I added drawings/stock photo's to the images~
I hope you enjoy my post despite it being sloppy as hell, with pictures with SUPER inconsistent lightening and blurryness ^^;
[Click here for my wardrobe~]


Milky Swan.jpg
Kiss me cat.jpg
Jardin Versailles.jpg
Fairy Marine.jpg
Chess chocolate.jpg






That was a pretty large post ^^;

hopefully this isn't a problem

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Wardrobe Post

Thank you so much for taking a look at my first wardrobe post! While I'm posting under a very old username, my handle these days is @petit_piaf on Instagram. I can't believe this, but this is the first year I will have completed my wardrobe post on time. I've been in lolita for approximately 5 years now, and it's been quite the journey from my first lolita dress to my collection now. Some things have happened in the last couple of years, including graduating and getting a fulltime job, and since then my collection has exploded. In short, I need to downsize my wardrobe.

I'm very much a classic lolita, but I do have a very soft spot for sweet-classic/otome prints, particularly rabbits, and I have a guilty pleasure for graphic heavy dresses with stamps, florals, cute animals, and the like. I have an unabashed addiction to Mary Magdalene pieces. I'm also fond of Victorian Maiden - I'm incredibly sad that after this year they'll be leaving us.

Some notes:
- I actually did take closeups of most of my pieces, but unfortunately didn't have time to post it here. I'll maybe make a separate post with detail shots in time.
- I had a mini disaster in which tonight (of all days) I found a few of my main pieces pictures missing. Unfortunately, it was already pitch black when I got back to my apartment. It's only 3-4 pieces however. I may add them in at some point if I have the chance.
- I did not have time to photograph every single support item. I hope the collection I show is representative.

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