January 30th, 2018

  • hennrie

Hennrie's Wardrobe 2018

Hello, thanks for taking a look at my first official wardrobe post! I finished mine too late last year even though my wardrobe was fairly small, and I was too embarrassed to post it after all (I hid it in my experimental blog instead). This time around I've improved vastly by getting it done at the very end of the month, so I’m glad I finally get to be part of the tradition!

This is my second or third year in lolita—I bought my first pieces in 2013 but wasn’t really active until 2016. I wear mainly classic, but I mostly go for somber colors and an antique feel. The result: a lot of dark solids and a growing amount of VM and Excentrique (both of which I will continue to love beyond the grave). To be honest, I’ve been feeling dissatisfied with my wardrobe as a whole lately. Last year started off strong but ended up being a pretty dismal buying year, with very few wishlist items showing up. I also missed out on a few things and am now hyperaware of the “gaps” I have without them. Still, it was an important year for getting filler pieces and rounding out my wardrobe more, so hopefully I can keep that up!

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Azuki's wardrobe 2018

Hi! This is my second wardrobe post; my first one was 2017.
I was better prepared this time, and I have learned how to take better photos!

I have been interested in lolita since 2001 and finally got the means and motivation to start building a wardrobe in 2013. I primarily wear more mature sweet styles with dark color bases (black, brown, and red especially) but I like to try lots of different things, so there are a wide variety of colors and motifs sprinkled throughout. I am a frequent contributor to Lolibrary (primarily historical detective work on Metamorphose items) so I did the nerdy thing and linked all the entries for the main pieces that had them.

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