January 29th, 2018

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Queran's wardrobe post 2018

My last wardrobe post from 2017 was done during the time I spent abroad in Sweden. Since I only had about one third of my wardrobe with me, it didn't take too long to take pictures of everything. Now that I'm back home and reunited with my entire closet, I despaired at the thought of taking photos of every. single. blouse. Ugh! And all the hair bows! Who really want to see close-ups of the crappy little hairbows I like to pin on my berets? Therefore I only took pictures of my main pieces and included some photos of the lovely loft bed and walk-in closet my boyfriend built while I was in Sweden. He's a good bean.
Let's get started!
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Lady Ai's Wardrobe 2018


This is my last year post: http://egl.livejournal.com/20115722.html
Something have changed in my preferences, so...
[... Lets get a look!]
Now I prefer long dresses in ivory tones and more classic prints, so I will sell everything sweet and short sooner or later =)


AP ~pink~ Ribbon Cocktail

Taobao - Anna's Secret - skirt in green - Hogwarts Series



~Dresses in ivory/white~

The left one is AatP - Organdy Long JSK and the right one is BTSSB - Key to Heaven ~Holy Church of the Blessed~ Palatina OP

The left one is IW - Teresa OP and the right one is TF - Marie Rose OP

The left one is AP Antoinette Decoration JSK and the right one is AP Rose Museum JSK

The left one is OP made by Little Dipper and the right one is Neon Cedar - Lily Pott's Dream JSK

The left one is Hinana - Fairy Doll OP and the right one is Lili's brand - Sleeping In Sunshine OP

~Dresses in pink~

The left one is AP Princess Tiara JSK and the right one is BTSSB Fairy Garden Trifolium JSK

The left one is BTSSB Sonnet for Juliet ~ Love potion with Romantic Irony ~ JSK and the right one is AatP - Starlit Sky Tent and the Secret Circus Troupe OP

The left one is AP - Holy Lacy Doll OP and the right one is AP - Strawberry Whip JSK

~And other dresses~

A couple mint dresses) The left one Ave Maria ~Heavenly Princess and Madonna Lily~ and the right one is BoHe Cat - Classical Painting Cityscape OP

The left one IW - Union Flag Maxi JSK in black and the right one is AATP - Swan Lake ~Ephemeral Tears~ Ballerina JSK

Thank you for attention! <3