January 15th, 2018

strawberryjam's 2018 Wardrobe Post

Hi EGL! This is my 4th year as a lolita.
I'm a huge fan of classic lolita and the death of Victorian Maiden I have a little hesitant to do a wardrobe post this year, but I don't want classic lolita to become a thing of the past so I'm going to do my best to share my love for classic.

For those curious, my 2017 wardrobe post is here . What's changed since last year is I've obtained a lot of my dream dresses! I also prepared multiple colorways of some my favorite pieces.

My 2018 goals for my wardrobe are to obtain my accessories and less dresses (I probably say this every year, haha.) I think my dresses are often matched with beige so I 'd like to add more colored accesories in my wardrobe.

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totodedum's Wardrobe post!

It's that time again when wardrobe posts abound! This year, I decided that I would do coord posts for main pieces since I have quite a few dresses I've gotten since last year. I will say that by doing it this way, it really helped in upping my accessories game and also unearthed missing items that'll round out my wardrobe. You'll see it in the coord if something is missing to make a complete look. Man, with all my stuff, you would think I'd already have what I need! ^_^;

So my style is a mix between Sweet, Classic, and Gothic with combinations thereof. In this post, I decided to just post the name of the main pieces with any major accessories paired with it. All things that are off brand/thrifted aren't mentioned and (as a rule) all underskirts seen in the photos are by Lady Sloth.

This post will be image heavy, lol. Oh, and feel free to click on the image to get a clearer look...zooming in on details is a good thing! =^.^= Anyway, on to the show!

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