January 14th, 2018

❈Gothic & Lolita Wardrobe 2018❈

I skipped posting my wardrobe the past two years, so I figured it was time for an update!  Over that time, I've tried to focus more on versatility rather than collecting main pieces or prints, and I pared down the color scheme a lot.  Most of my pieces are EGL, EGA, kuro lolita, or otome in dark colorways.

The post was too big for one EGL entry, so I split it into two posts on my blog.  Links are under the cut!

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Cupcake Kamisama's 2018 Wardrobe

Originally I wasn't going to do a wardrobe post this year, remembering how tiring and challenging it was last year. However, I have come to see the light and found a way around some of my issues (i.e. poor lighting), enabling me to get my act together and photograph everything. I included every hair accessory, every piece of jewellery and all the pieces I use with Lolita, whether they're brand, Japanese offbrand or totally offbrand/thrifted/upcycled. The only things not included are undergarments, so petticoats and bloomers, and earrings - not counting the one or two other bits I simply forgot about when taking photos. This is my most comprehensive wardrobe post yet and I'm very pleased with the result. It might be a bit too photo-heavy for some, so consider this your warning.

2017 has been good for me in terms of Lolita. While I tried to focus on builder pieces, I ended up getting quite a few main pieces I really wanted, including a long-stading wishlist item that I didn't think I'd get. My wardrobe also grew in brand pieces I previously had little interest in, like shoes or jewellery - but I also added plenty of Taobao/offbrand pieces and most of my brand additions were cheap second hand buys. If there's anything I haven't named you're curious about, just ask. ^^

Looking at it all now, I want more red pieces since I love red in all shades. However, I'm not sure how sensible it'd be to add any now: I had two big purchases in January already and I'm as out of storage as one can be, so it'd be sensible to put that off for a while. Not that I always do what's sensible...

2016 and 2017 wardrobe posts if you're curious, but be warned that the quality of photography declines the further back you go.
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