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Liru-chan's Wardrobe Post.

Hi. (*´♡`* )
My name is Liru-chan and welcome to my forth wardrobe-post.
The very first post is here, second is here, third is here. May be on my anniversary 5th post I'll made a one big post of all dresses and other things, but in fact my wardrobe hasn't changed a lot, I hardly ever sell dresses, so I'll show you what I've made and buy during 2019 year.
Because of bad work-hobby balance I haven't sewed at all (Т___Т), but I fall in love with UV-resin jewelry and washi-tape. : D Just to relax after work.

Part with dresses.

OP - "Magic Book" by Dear Celine. 📚

JSK - "The Maiden of Versailles" by Inori.
I'm so in love with the quality of print. *0*

My friend and I also made lovely classic photoshoot with these dresses. :3
Photos by Ammodeus.

JSK - "The Coronation of Napoleon" by MiglioliMiette.

Classic Lolita OP Dress - "Fairy Doll" by Hinana Queena.

Part with blouses.

Light white blouse by Dear Celine.

Lace vest by Dear Celine.

Vintage Classic Lolita Blouse - "Eternal Snow" by Elpress L.
Gorgeous sleeves! : D

Off-brand blouses.

Accessories part.
Cute bag and handmade straw hat. :3

Some lace headpieces from Sweet Dreamer and socks from TutuAnna.

And some handmade accessories. :3 I also have a small Etsy shop, so happy to see you there. ᕕ( ՞ ᗜ ՞ )ᕗ

And this is the end. Hope, that you had a good time reading my post. :3
Also I have an Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook - will be happy to see you there.:3
Have a good year dear friends with lots of inspiration for your outfits!

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