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The Spoopy Season

Tis Spoopy Season At Last!

Does your comm have any spooky Halloween-themed meets planned throughout September or October?
Do you have any specific Halloween-themed coords you wanna do this season?
Are there any brand Halloween releases you're looking forward to?

I'll start!

In the Chicago comm we have a few Halloween meetups planned, including: A Spoopy Swap Meet, a Moitie tribute photoshoot, a vampire and old school themed dinner, and my own Trick or Tea that I'm hosting! I'll be attending all these meets and I'm so excited.

Without giving too much away, one coord I'm planning is themed with Angelic Pretty's Holy Wolf JSK in black, huehuehue. But I still need to plan my coord for the Moitie photoshoot and that's this Friday! Send help I'm dying ;__; I only have the Divine Cross skirt in black velvet with the gold print, but I've been so into sweet lately I'm kind of lost on what direction I want to go with it.

I'm also a little stumped on what to offer for food at my Trick or Tea meet; I have plenty of options for my custom blend tea and deserts, but what about savories? Does anyone have any ideas, or good cooking blogs/channels you follow with fun Halloween themed concepts? I might have to raid my mom's cooking magazine collections to see if they have any good October editions.

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