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riribbons's 2019 wardrobe! <3

Hey, kinda late to the party but welcome to my 2019's wardrobe post! This is my first year posting so please bear with me. I didn't expected that photographing and editing photos would take so much time, next year I'll probably start taking photos earlier as I only have Sundays free. Anyways, one of my 2019's goals is "getting things done", so even if it's late, there we go!

I've been buying lolita dresses since 2015 but because I live in a small apartment I can't have lots of dresses.
In 2018 I focused on buying accessories, cardigans and otks and still my wardrobe is lacking on those. I've tried to make coordinates with my items as I didn't had enough space to take nice photos of each separated items. And you'll probably see that the last items will be on a different background as I had to take the photos on my workplace because suddenly the weather changed and lighting was bad at home ;w;. But enough with excuses - here is my wardrobe.

What got me in at this fashion was the little details that every dress/item has in it. For me it's like there's a little secret on every item, hidden, so we can find and appreciate it. Kinda silly, isn't it? Until this magic disappear, I'll probably love lolita fashion. Every entry will have the name of the dress / item, brand, year of the release and colourway. Hope you enjoy!

This was my first dress back in 2015. What makes me love this dress is the crochet lace and the bunnies among the strawberries and flowers.

Gardenberries Rabbit JSK - Lief - 2014 - Milk tea (Cream)
Me Likes Tea blouse - 2016 - White
Strawberry Jam brooch - 2017 - Peppermint fox
Petulia Market - F.I.N.T - (Autumn Collection) 2016 - Bordeaux
Offbrand hat

One of my favorite motifs is chocolate/food, so this was a must when I saw! All the spoons and the military feel on the buttons make me fall in love! Also, that back ribbon is so precious! I always think that the print name is something like "Sweet Chocolate" because it's written bigger than the actually name of the print (which is written smaller below the sweet chocolate).

Royal Creamy Chocolate JSK - Angelic Pretty - 2014 - Ivory
Going out Heart Ribbon Blouse - Angelic Pretty - 2014 - Ivory
Vintage Crown Button Rosette Brooch - Angelic Pretty - 2014 - Brown
Loyal Unicorn Charm Charter Brooch - Angelic Pretty - 2014 - Brown

Despite the name of this dress being spelled wrongfully, this is one of my favorite dresses by AP. Unfortunately I haven't worn this yet. Also, the brand that makes the brooch has a lot of fancy and whimsical pendants, brooches and rings, I really want all of them.

Cirque du L'Étoile (Napoleon Cut) - Angelic Pretty - 2016 - Ivory
Toy March Blouse - Angelic Pretty - 2016 (2nd release) - Black
Meteor Brooch - Palnart Poc - unknown year - Black

Oh University OP... Originally I wanted the Navy x Red OP, it was love at the first sight when I saw Risa modeling it. But at the same time, the dollar skyrocket at my country and the OP soldout in the same day. RIP.
And then, AP re-released it AND in the black colorway!

University OP - Angelic Pretty - 2015 - Black
University Beret - Angelic Pretty - 2015 - Black
Crown Brooch - Peppermint Fox - Re-release MTO

Ever since I was a kid I love gingham patterns. This dress is literally all that I ask for in a dress - the waist tie, the small ribbons on the straps, the back lacing, the cute embroidery logo in the waist ribbon and the beautiful gingham pattern <3

Lady Gingham JSK - Angelic Pretty - 2013 - Black
Carol Crown Embroidered Velveteen Ribbon Headbow - Innocent World - 2012 - Black
University Cutsew - Angelic Pretty - 2015 - Black

The (in)famous Holy Lantern. This (and Misty Sky) was the dress that when I first started on the fashion I thought I would never be able to obtain. Oh how wrong I was!

Holy Lantern - Angelic Pretty - 2015 MTO - Ivory (more like white?)
Me likes tea blouse - Me likes tea - 2016 - Black
Starry Cross Barrette - Angelic Pretty - 2015 - White

When this dress was released I was on the fence about buying or not, the stock photos of them was kinda iffy so I passed. Later, I saw some photos on instagram and I really regretted not buying it. It then went on sale but nor ivory or black colorway. I was really bummed that I've missed it. Finally, in 2017 I got it with a nice price so it was worth the wait. And the details are super gorgeous!

Twinkle Sky JSK - Angelic Pretty - 2016 - Ivory
Prim Ribbon Tie Blouse - Angelic Pretty - 2014 - White
Original Cross Lace Headdress - Innocent World - 2015 - Beige
Violin Chocolat Necklace - Angelic Pretty - 2014 - Black

I couldn't believe Angelic Pretty re-released such an adorable doughnut print. I was able to buy it in my preferred colourway too! My favorite detail of MCD is the little fork and spoon in the waist ribbon and the chocolate doughnut with the little "sugar pearls" on top.

Melty Cream Doughnut jsk - Angelic Pretty - 2016 re-release - Ivory
Melty Cream Doughnut Barrette - Angelic Pretty - 2016 re-release - Ivory
Sweet Stripe Ribbon Spoon Necklace - Angelic Pretty - 2017 re-release - Mint
Lovely Square Blouse - Angelic Pretty - 2016 - Pink

When I bought my Misty Sky skirt I regretted so much not being able by the time to buy the JSK version of it. So, when AP launched the (second?) MTO of them I bought those and the hairclip. Really happy about the print, it's so dreamy! The cutsew features 2 cute star-shaped back buttons that I treasure so much ;w;

Misty Sky JSK - Angelic Pretty - 2017 MTO - Navy
Fancy Doll Cutsew - Angelic Pretty - 2015 - Navy

The Casual tier and the outerwear

I've got some items that is for more casual-ish times.
First one would be my first japanese brand item that I ever bought, which was the Misty Sky skirt. The main difference about this and the first release is the white lace (instead of the navy lace) and the bigger detachable ribbon.

Misty Sky Skirt - Angelic Pretty - 2015 release - Navy
Big Ribbon Blouse - Amavel - 2016 - Pink
Offbrand star necklace - Silver

This is one of the series that I'd love to have in all colourways. All the details that I love in the JSK are on the skirt too so I'm really happy to have both cuts on my wardrobe.

Lady Gingham skirt - Angelic Pretty - 2013 - Red

This cutsew is so comfy, perfect for summer days!

Royal Sailor Cutsew - Angelic Pretty - 2012 - Ivory x Brown
Melty Whip Chocolate Beret - Angelic Pretty - 2016 - Ivory

My first Emily Temple Cute JSK! This was the dress that I really wanted for a long time, I've finally find one last year for a nice price. <3

Cutlery & Doughnuts Print Sleeveless JSK - Emily Temple Cute - 2013 - Black
Tea Party Blouse - Amavel - unknown year - Beige x Blue Ribbon

Below is my collection of cardigans, jackets and parka.

1 - Offbrand Jacket (Renner) - 2016 - Navy
2 - Vintage Sailor Knit Cardigan - Angelic Pretty - 2012 - Black
3 - Maiden In Love Ribbon Knit Cardigan - Angelic Pretty - 2014 - Red
4 - "Victorian Palace" collection Cardigan - Amavel - 2016 - Black
5 - Offbrand Parka (TOK) - 2013 - Navy
6 - Vintage Jacket - Pink
7 - Cardigan with Fur Collar - Baby The Stars Shine Bright - 2013 - Black
8 - Trump Embroidery Cardigan - Amavel - 2013 - Bordeaux

Shoes, accessories, bags and socks.

And finally, the last section of my wardrobe post. Assortment of accessories, I've only noted the ones that was not featured on the above photos.

1- Biscuit Ring - Q-pot
2- Flowers Rabbit Fluffy Brooch - Minne (vendor: ribe) - 2016
3- Offbrand Star Ring | Offbrand Bird Ring | Offbrand Rose Ring | Offbrand Flower Ring | Offbrand Star Earrings
4- Sweet Stripe Ribbon Ring - Angelic Pretty - 2017
5- Beloved Bookshelf - Peppermint Fox - 2016
6- FLUFFY RING - Syrup / Rosemarie Seoir - ???
7- Fancy Bunny Fur Brooch - Angelic Pretty - 2013
8- Offbrand Anchor Necklace | Offbrand Moon Necklace | Doughtnut Necklace -Nakayoshi Ribbon (Minne) - 2016

OTKs and tights, some are parts of the dresses's sets, some are random ones.

1 - ??? - Angelic Pretty - ?? - Lavander
2 - Lacy Rose OTKs - Angelic Pretty - 2015 - Pink
3 - Holy Lantern OTK - Angelic Pretty - 2015 MTO - Ivory
4 - British Crown OTK - Angelic Pretty - 2017 - Black
5 - Fluttering Ribbon Lace-up OTKs - Metamorphose - 2014 - Black x Silver
6 - University OTKs - Angelic Pretty - 2015 - Wine
7 - Mercator Antique Shop OTKs - Angelic Pretty - 2017 - Ivory
8 - Melty Cream Doughtnut OTKs - 2016 re-release - Ivory
9 - Melty Border OTKs - Angelic Pretty - 2016 - Ivory
10 - Whip Jacquard OTKs - Angelic Pretty - 2015 - Milk tea
11 - Cirque du L'etoile OTKs - Angelic Pretty - 2016 - Ivory
12 - Twinkle Sky Tights - Angelic Pretty - 2016 - Black
13 - Assorted Tights - KiraKiraKi

Shoes and bags
Huge fan of Melissa, mostly the ones that could be used on lolita are Vivienne Westwood probably. I still need more shoes, especially after my brown one is dead.

1- Kazakova - Melissa - Black
2- Three Strap Shoes - Wego - Black
3 - Bodyline - Black
4 - Ultragirl Heels - Melissa x Vivienne Westwood - Black x Gold
5 - Lady Dragon - Melissa x Vivienne Westwood - White x Gold
6 - Kazakova - Melissa - Pink
7 - Rocking Horse Shoes - Melissa x Vivienne Westwood - Black
8 - Red Enamel Shoes - Amavel - Red

And finally the bags!

1- Chocolate Rosette 3Way Rucksack - Angelic Pretty - 2016 re-release - Black
2- Melty Royal Chocolate - Angelic Pretty - 2013 - Brown
3- Angelic Pretty 3Way Book Bag (mook) - Angelic Pretty - 2015 - Lavander
4- Brown Satchel - Amavel - Brown
5- Violin Chocolat 3 Way Rucksack - Angelic Pretty - 2014 - Ivory
6- Heart Bag - Milk - Red
7- Dreamy Star Pochette - Angelic Pretty - 2015 re-release - Silver

In the mail!

And that's it for my 2019's wardrobe! Thanks so much for hanging in there and read/see all the photos all the way through ;w;
I thought it would be nice to add some 2019's goals for this year and see if I can fulfill it by the start of 2020.

1- Buy two more shoes (a brown one and a pink one?)
This one is half completed as I am receiving one brown this month. I still need one tea party or glitter one to match prints like MCD and Sweetie Violet.

2- Start (and end) some embroidery projects that I have in mind.
This includes a rosette, one headbow, a babushka like hair piece, a echarpe and a tote-bag. I really like to embroidery but I hadn't time to embroidery in 2018.

3- Learn to sew (and maybe buy my own sewing machine?)
That's a long time dream. I started University wanting to draft and sew my own clothes, turns out that my career went to the other side and rip sewing. I've been postponing everything in my life and I hope this year I can achieve it.

4- Be more active on instagram or try to catalog my outfits
I'd like to have all my daily outfits (lolita and non-lolita) catalogued, sometimes I don't even take a selfie of me wearing something that I like. Also, get better at photographing.

5- Have more accessories and outerwear. And be cohesive.
Cataloguing everything in this post made me realise that I don't have enough accessories (especially head accessories). Maybe bracelets or wristcuffs?

6- Konmari my non-lolita things
Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the thing I have in my life. I've already tried Konmari but I didn't take things serious so it didn't work. This is my top priority in this list.

Thanks a lot! <3 See ya soon everyone~
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