Kurokawa Maru (Kurokawa Maru) wrote in egl,
Kurokawa Maru
Kurokawa Maru

Starting out Lolita, size alteration?

Hello. I am very new to Lolita and this is my first post (was lurking in the community for a while drooling over the dresses, haha) and recently I've gotten a JSK to start off. I knew about bodyline being cheap and affordable (I can't get brand dresses, since I am on a limited budget), so I've picked a JSK that I really liked (which is L587). The thing is, the JSK only came in medium and up and I fear it is too big on me as I'm 150cm (4'11 in the US, I believe). I saw other dresses that look very similar (just different prints used) and they go just above the knee on models that are 16cm above my height which makes me believe that this is too big on me and goes way below my knee. Is there any way to resize a dress that is too big on you? Such as altering the straps, etc. I have no experience in sewing and wanted to ask if anyone has tips on how to shorten dresses. Thank you!

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