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Wardrobe Post 2019

Hi there!

This is my fourth year participating in Wardrobe Post month. It seems to get harder and harder every time! ;o;
In flawless theme to my previous post, I am again posting on the last day of January. ;)

~ Here are 2016, 2017, 2018 for reference ~

I'm so grateful to look back at how far my collection has come, which captures all that I love most. I have a whole rainbow of pieces to admire, in such an array of styles and designs. Sometimes it's hard to choose a dress to wear, honestly!
It's worth mentioning that my wardrobe has become a wardrobe for one and a half, not just for me any more. I had hoped to photograph those pieces for her own wardrobe post, but amongst the rush of getting this all done, I didn't get a chance, However, a few of her pieces have been included in my post because they were there and, well, they're beautiful.

As much as I would have loved to have photographed all my pieces again in a cleaner manner, December and January are such busy months for me which leaves me with such limited time. So although I took all new photos of my main pieces, I couldn't possibly have photographed the rest of my wardrobe in time. (Unless anyone was up for Wardrobe Post in July?) I'm pretty sure I've spent nearly every day I had off this month working on my post with next to no photographing space and the worst lighting/heat, which is kind of sad to think about. Perhaps I'll start in November for 2020's post. :'D
Admittedly, my wardrobe is at the biggest it's ever been and as overjoyed as I am to have all of my (affordable) dream dresses, I will be kind of excited to trim it down a bit. I genuinely have to wrestle with it sometimes just to get anything out of it and I don't have the space to maintain them like that forever. I should mention that I included a few more otome pieces because I see them as just as precious. I wear my blouses, cardigans, shoes, accessories, etc almost every day as it matches my regular wardrobe style, but my lifestyle doesn't mean I have a chance to wear poofier dresses as often, so I need to pass them on to new people to get wear out of them. I had been hesitant to sell pieces for over a year now after some annoying sales in the past which put me off dealing with people for a hot minute (payment plans that dragged on for too long, weird guilting messages for discounts, etc). But recently a sold a few pieces and it went really well, so my hope has been restored! Time to let some pieces go to new homes. So if I happen to own your dream dress, it's totally worth asking if I'm considering parting with it! The worst that can happen is that I'll say no, but I'll remember you in case I change my mind in the future. :)

I'd love to blabber more, but I have work early tomorrow morning and I'm up very late getting this done so sadly my words from here will be brief. I'm hoping to do the EGL challenge on Instagram later in Feb where I'll talk more, though!

On to my wardrobe! Warning that this is VERY image heavy, if your internet is limited just take my word for it that there's at least 3 dresses here. ;)


~ OPs ~

For some reason, I seem to have bought mainly OPs in this past year. I'm not sure how this happened! I suppose the appeal to their wearability and comfort really got the better of me. :)


~ JSKs ~

In Versatility Lane sits my consistently sized collection of JSKs. I sold a few and got a few, just as it should be. :)

~ Romper ~
It doesn't fit in with anything else but we gotta love him. <3 Ultimate "I want to dress nice but also I need to RUN" item.

~ Skirts ~

The small collection of skirts I took a chance on to fit my waist and won! I realised I forgot to photograph my pink underskirt but you'll see it later in blouse/cardigan photos. \o/


~ Blouses ~

I have so many blouses but I love to wear them with everything! I also don't love showing the world my shoulders for whatever reason so here we are. ;) This is also where the photo recycling begins, forgive me.


~ Cutsews ~

I love that cutsews are just the lazymans way of wearing your favourite dress prints and designs without the commitment. I wish they were more popular so that brands would continue to release them :'(



~ Cardigans ~

Cardigans are my all day every day wear! If I can't wear a cardigan with it, is it really worth it? \o/


~ Socks ~

Two legs. Two Hundred Million Socks. Although I set out specifically to buy all my stockings and tights, I only ever remember buying a few pairs of socks, but I ended up with so many? Where did you come from?


~ Shoes ~

The true advantage of sharing a wardrobe with someone who has the same shoe size as you is getting the excuse to have so many cute shoes. So. Many.

Shoes2.jpgShoes 2.jpgShoes3 2.jpgShoes2 2.jpgShoes.jpgShoes3.jpg


~ Bags ~

If the bag isn't shaped like something silly or covered in bows then I won't have anything to do with it. ;)


~ Hair Accessories ~

It's truly so satisfying to get matching hairpieces to dresses, but it's equally exciting to get a hairpiece which is versatile amongst many dresses too. Every day I don't like to wear much, if anything in my hair so it's nice to go all out sometimes with a big bow or a bigger bonnet. :)


~Accessories ~

All the jewelleries! I've always had such a small collection of actual branded jewellery, but that's not because I don't love them. I'm just always worried I'll break then and cry over $50 plastic. :')
In this past year we also discovered Q-Pot and fell in love instantly. We especially adore ice-cream scoop rings. <3 And they're SUPER HARDY!

~ In The Mail ~

All of these arrived today, actually! I achieved my dream of YELLOW SHOES! Everything is good in the world. I can also become my ultimate form as a picnic blanket. Be ready for it. :)


At this point it's a given for me to say that there are so many things I've accidentally forgotten. Coats, Parasols, and the odd bows which decorate my room instead of my head know all about it. :'D

My goals for this year will be firstly to trim down my wardrobe to a less squeezy size. As I've become more welcoming to new styles (hello brown and black which never lived in my wardrobe comfortably otherwise!) I should also look and which pieces don't give me that joy that they did 6, 7 years ago when I bought them. A piece in particular which helped me realise this was Candy Sprinkle, which I still adore but I no longer adored it on me as it's so.....bright! I'm so glad to have given it to a new loving home.
As I hit my wearing goal last year, I found wearing full EGL about twice to three times a month worked out perfectly for me. I admire those who can wearing it daily, but that just isn't for me sadly. I appreciate having the moments of poofiness amongst my other cardiganed days. :)

Final goal - Get a combined wardrobe post done for my other half and I! Our contrasting styles are really complimentary of each other. I am so determined.

I'm gonna pass out now because I have work tomorrow! I'm a fool! I wonder if my wording even makes any sense? Hopefully the point comes across that I really love this fashion and am so glad to have come so far. :)


Thank-you so much for reading through this! I really appreciate it! :D If you want any more photos or close-ups, let me know! There's so much that stock photos fail to capture. I might also try to post my new main pieces to Instagram like I did last year, so if anyone loves a backstory to each piece and why I adore it then you can find me over at @bonniviwii doing my best. :)

Looking forward to the fun of 2019~

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