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Dodo the Extinct's Wardrobe 2019

This year I felt ambitious to tackle a wardrobe post again so here we are.
My wardrobe has now become a mixture of items that I love and increased flexibility in that I have mostly everything needed to create multiple unique coordinates.
Once again, I apologize for the lighting. Canadian winters = little sunlight = no decent lighting

Check out my previous wardrobe posts: 2015, 2016, 2017

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Thanks for looking~! ❤️

~ Baby the Stars Shine Bright ~
My first and forever love

Baby the Stars Shine Bright was the first brand that introduced me to Lolita and hold a special place in my heart. I will forever be a BtSSB fan.

Dessert OPs, Take a Walk with Usakumya JSKs

Sister Maria's Hummingbird, Ronron Mimine, Lace Frill, Heart Shaped Fairy Topialium JSK, Round Collar Cutsew OP, Alice's Tea Party OP set

Cheerful Lemon JSK I, My Sweet Mate Kumya's Anniversary Sophie, Kumya Kuma's Royal Kingdom JSK II, Alice's Mirage in Paradox Red Queen

Fall in Love with the Sweet Scent of Perfume, Tartan Check Scallop, Michael's Blessing/Bless from Michael, Traumerei of Bright Stars

~ Alice and the Pirates ~
A new love
The sister brand that I am really growing to love due to a friend. I know my collection will grow even more in the future.

Innocent Rosier, Starry Moonlight Night Sirene, Magical Popping Fantasy

~ Angelic Pretty ~
That one trendy, cool friend
Love AP for jumping on bandwagons and making me love all the different motifs they come up with.

Rosette Collection, Alice's Glass Bottle of Tears Special JSK, British Keys, Sweet GIrl Room, Sweet Cream House, Melty Cream Donut

Royal Unicorn Gobelin, Romance Bouquet, Sugary Gingham, Sweetie Violet

Astro Regimen JSK, Dream Marine OP, Sentimental Scallop, Elegant Nightie, Cafeteria

~ Innocent World ~
Daily Lolita Perfection
I love wearing Innocent World on a daily basis it's a higher level of daily wear that I love.

Innocent World White Sailor Marine OP, Sugar Cake, Strawberry Plate, Rabbit Letter, Classical Gathered Flare

Tea Time, Unknown, Moonlit Walk, Flat Collar Ribbon, Short Sleeve Round Collar, Alice's Miniature Rose

~ Metamorphose Temps de Fille ~
So unique
Much love

Sailor OP (2018), Kimono Print Crossover Front Pinafore, Pink Lemonade

~ Victorian Maiden ~
Classy Lolitas Only
Love the classic cuts and silhouette of Victoian Maiden

~ Taobao & Handmade ~
For aesthetics and daily life
Got fancy dresses and dresses that work for daily wear.

La Chemis a la Reine, Moira, Dear Maragret, Royal Stripe OP

Handmade (thank you to a close friend for making this for me)

~ Blouses ~
Mix of Amavel, AP, BtSSB, IW, Meta & Taobao

~ Jacket/Coat/Cardigans ~
Another mixture of Brands

~ Shoes ~
Taobao (Sosic Shop is a fave), Bodyline, Jellybean (T-straps)

Emily Temple Cute, Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright

~ Socks ~
Mixture of AATP, AP, BtSSB, Meta, JM, Taobao/Offbrand

~ Bags ~
Mix of IW, Meta, BtSSB, Taobao & Amavel

My pride and joy: The Kumya Family

~ Headwear/Jewelry/Misc. ~
Another mixture of brands and handmade (if you want to know where it came from please comment below)

(the BtSSB heart apron is my joy as I am 1/100 people to have this item)

~ Otome Brands ~
Emily Temple Cute, Jane Marple, Leur Getter

~ Incoming/Item that didn't make the wardrobe post ~

Thanks for scrolling this far down. I hope you enjoyed all the photos and perhaps if you have a similar item we can distance twin this on Insta. :)

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