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It is wardrobe post season my dudes

Hey there and welcome to my very first wardrobe post. I sold all of my lolita stuff several years ago and after a break of several years I started fresh about 2-3 years ago so this wardrobe post is a great way to keep a trace of what/how much i own and what I lack rn (red,i need red,and more damn shoes and socks and blouses). It was worth it despite the back pains it gave me from the acrobatics i had to do in order to get good angles lol. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do even if it's not much at all.

Maxicimam - Lever Du Soleil Gilet OP
Angelic Pretty - Classic Frill OP
Angelic Pretty - Melody Doll OP
Baby The Stars Shine Bright - 2006 Karami JSK
Baby The Stars Shine Bright - Fruit A La Mode Cutsew OP
Baby The Stars Shine Bright - Dessert OP
Baby The Stars Shine Bright - Ribbon Milky Sugar JSK
Baby The Stars Shine Bright - Swan Lake Skirt
Angelic Pretty - Petit Patisserie JSK
Angelic Pretty - Sugar Pansy JSK
Angelic Pretty - Dreamy Dollhouse JSK
Baby The Stars Shine Bright - Bunny Milk Snow Strawberry JSK
Angelic Pretty - Sheep Garden JSK

Baby The Stars Shine Bright, Bodyline and Taobao
Taobao and Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Angelic Pretty
Taobao,Offbrand,Bodyline and Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Bodyline and Baby The Stars Shine Bright

Taobao and Handmade
Chocomint,Angelic Pretty,RoseMarie Seoir,DokiDoki,Taobao,Handmade,Offbrand
Offbrand,Kawaii Mania,Baby The Stars Shine Bright,Angelic Pretty,Taobao

Angelic Pretty,Baby The Stars Shine Bright, Taobao, Bodyline
Offbrand and Taobao

My lolita shrine as my gf calls it lol. My beloved Kamikaze Girl and François Amoretti books, a little Metamorphose bag,my two super cute accessories boxes,a lil sticker and beautiful letter set I still have from that time I visited Baby Paris <3 oh, and an unrelated vanilla cake scented candle!

That's it, thanks for reading <3 


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