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2019: Gothic, Classic and Old School

I originally discovered Lolita back in 2004 and started my venture into wearing it in 2006. I had my first Brand purchase in 2011 and my addiction spiraled out of control from there. I have tried every possible trend and style over the years, and this is where I have ended up. It's funny to think how toned down my daily style has become considering some of the crazy OTT AP prints that use to call home in my closet. Since I have collected so many things over the years plus having a good amount of accessories and other items to supplement my daily lolita wardrobe/lifestyle, I will only be focusing on my main pieces this year. However, if you have any questions on any of the items shown, please let me know!

Bodyline skirt L325
Bodyline skirt L353

Atelier Pierrot old school cross skirt with rachel lace trim (I actually have zero information on this particular skirt so if anybody has any info, please let me know!)
Handmade (by me) floral cross skirt

Handmade (by me) gothic floral OP
Handmade (by me) floral butterfly jsk

Handmade (by me) garden print jsk
Handmade (by me) sax floral skirt

Poison Sugar OP (defunct indie brand)
Altered (by me) Bodyline jsk L489 with antique rose appliques

Handmade (by me) Calaveras jsk
Handmady (by a local comm member) pink rose skirt

Atelier Pierrot corset jsk
Algonquins Leopard print OP

Metamorphose Raschel Lace Flared Sleeve Tiered OP 2011
Metamorphose Organdy Babydoll OP 2004

Metamorphose Sailor OP 2011 (x2)

Metamorphose Wing Cross Embroidery Short Sleeve OP 2008 (x2)
This actually almost was almost my first brand purchase in 2008! Unfortunately I had an issue with my bank when I tried to make the purchase, and without letting me explain or try again after I corrected the error with the bank, Meta flat out blocked me from ordering, and I had to wait several years for them to re-do their entire website to get the chance and order from them again...BUT FINALLY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS I'VE BEEN ABLE TO HUNT DOWN TWO OUT OF THE THREE COLORS IT CAME IN!!!!!!!!!!

Innocent World Chandelier jsk 2007
Innocent World Moon and Higanbana jsk 2017

Innocent World Violets Inside Mansions 3 Ribbon jsk 2013
Innocent World Rose Panel jsk (101cm) 2008

Innocent World Arabesque Rose jsk 2011
Innocent World Revival Lotta jsk 2014

Angelic Pretty Cat Tea Party jsk 2012
Angelic Pretty Puppet Circus jsk 2006- I was lucky enough to finally track this bad boy down this year! It was the last of the Holy Trinity, and after admiring it for over a decade, I was finally able to find it in my favorite cut and colorway! Many times I almost settled for one of the other colors, but I am glad that I was able to resist and waited for the black to appear!

Angelic Pretty Carnival OP (Nagoya shop limited color) 2006
Angelic Pretty Carnival OP 2017 10th Aniversary MTO

Angelic Pretty unknown shirring OP 2000-2002?? It has the old pink tag with the big block letters like the old "PRETTY" tags. If you have any info on this piece please let me know! I am also desperately looking for the royal blue colorway so if you see it please let me know!!
Angelic Pretty Twinkle Mermaid jsk 2006 Pretty much my ultimate dream dress!! It took so long and so much money to find, going through multiple colors and damaged dresses until I finally found this guy in flawless condition in the perfect cut and color, and it even came with the matching headbow! Im on the lookout for the matching socks too if anyone has seen them, or happens to even have the old stock photos from HelloLace. Does anyone remember that? God I miss that website so much!!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Baby Border OP 2006
Angelic Pretty Heart Pocket Frill jsk 2008

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Alice & Bambi Shirring OP 2004
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Unico in Bloomland Pearl jsk 2011

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Velveteen Royal Antique jsk 2010
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Le Lac des Cygnes Prima Donna jsk 2010

Alice and the Pirates St. Mephisto Cathedral jsk 2010
Alice and the Pirates x Disney Maleficent Frill jsk 2014

Alice and the Pirates x Disney Queen of Hearts jsk 2012
Alice and the Pirates Rosier Fleur jsk 2014

Alice and the Pirates Vampire Requiem jsk (2011 re-release I think?)
Moi Meme Moitie Shirred Long OP 2001
Actually, does anyone happen to have any good Long Petticoat recomendations? I would love to add some more long legnth Moitie dresses (or really, just more long legnth brand dresses in general) to my wardrobe, but I'd really like to invest into having something to put beneath them first before I start buying more of them.

Moi Meme Moitie Cross Gathered OP 2010
Moi Meme Moitie Scalloped Lace OP 2010

Moi Meme Moitie Lace Cross jsk 2018
Moi Meme Moitie Neo Gothic Arch OP 2018

Moi Meme Moitie Lace Shirring Sundress 2008
Moi Meme Moitie Stripe Lace Flocked OP 2009

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Misako Favorite Ribbon jsk 2013
Angelic Pretty Sweetie Violet 2018 MTO- I had loved this series since it's initial release, but this color rarely popped up second hand, and when it did it was SO EXPENSIVE so I always held back, and finally, my prayers were answered when I was out of town to meet Mana in Seattle, AP announced the upcoming MTO. Seriously, that particular weekend was a weekend of dreams...but also a weekend of nightmares for my bank account haha.

Angelic Pretty Princess Silhouette Print OP 2003
Moi Meme Moitie Catherine OP 2018
So these two are the newest to my wardrobe! They just came in on the last day of the year, so I had been waiting on these two to arrive so I could photograph them for my wardrobe post! The simplicity and elegance as well as the attention to details on the AP OP are the perfect examples of what about the fashion caught my heart all those years ago. As for the Catherine OP, I have to say, is incredibly soft and comfortable with nice thicker cutsew material. It is nice and warm, and kind of feels like PJs. It's perfect for a casual day out, or lounging around the house. If Moitie ever released this again in other colors, I would buy them all in a heartbeat!

My Crown Jewel, the apple of my eye, the one and only,
Moi Meme Moitie Iron Gate OP 2006

I wore this to Sakura Con to meet Mana early on in 2018 during the first ever MMM tea party and MANA HIMSELF signed the lining of my OP! Honestly I could of been struck down by lightning in that moment and have died happy! It was the very first of my dream dresses that I was able to aquire! I've bought and sold so many things, changed style and evolved tastes, but after every closet purge, this has been the one dress that has stayed the longest out of anything else in my closet.

Compared to years ago, I don't do much sweet anymore, but more so dabble in some mature-sweet or classic-sweet.

However, the majority of my wardrobe and major style is gothic. It's a lot easier to match blacks then it is to match pinks or lavenders, and is simple to throw together quickly to wear daily to school.

Well that about wraps it up! Thankyou so much for viewing!
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