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Wigs, wig brands, shine and baby powder. Would like to hear experiences.

It's been a long time since I was last active in the online lolita community, I was active from 19 to 23 years old (2004-2008) but even though I didn't participate or wear any lolita fashion anymore after that (personal issues) I kept being interested.
Now my hair loss has gotten quite bad (alopecia androgenica) and I am ready to wear some of my lolita stuff again, otherwise it's just sitting in my wardrobe unused, I'm investigating if I want to buy more synthetic wigs and if it's worth buying more synthetic wigs. I'm willing and able to buy human hair wigs but they are very limited in colour choice and length. So there are pros and cons to both synthetic and human hair.

Some people into lolita fashion are absolutely fine with wigs that obviously look like wigs (or like doll hair, that may be a goal they're going for), even the GLB is fine with putting models in wiggy looking wigs.

I personally think the more a wig looks like real hair the better.

I've got 4 lapin d'or wigs from their mainstream line (not their lolita line) bought between 2004 and 2008. If anyone is not familiar with the brand they are a lot like Prisila except that prisila does more daring/edgy styles and lapin d'or does more simple and more everyday hair styles. Quality looks the same, so perhaps they use the same fiber.

Now to the practical bit;
The main issues with synthetic wigs in terms of aesthetic quality when realism is the goal is how it looks under different types of lighting. The other issues can usually be improved by plucking, buying a thinner/thicker wig, cutting it to suit you etc.

I can accept that wigs have an unnatural shine under photography flash lighting because it's easy to avoid that. Even synthetic medical grade wigs shine to high heaven under flash light so this is just an inescapable reality with synthetic wigs.

There's a few types of other lighting namely direct sunlight, indirect sunlight and artificial light (lamp light). The light, aside from photograpy flash, that produces the most shine is direct sunlight. Imagine walking around with a wig at noon on a hot sunny day.

What is popularly used on synthetic wigs to reduce their shine is an extended bath in fabric softener (there is a good tutorial over on deviantart). This did not work on my lapin d'or wigs, but weirdly seems to work incredibly well on party quality wigs that you get for 12 dollars. Must be because of a different synthetic fiber.
Another popular method is baby/talcum powder or dry shampoo. I've tried both. I prefer the baby powder since the dry shampoo I used made the hair too stiff. The baby powder method did reduce the shine somewhat but I am not convinced that it reduced it to acceptable levels for exposure to direct sunlight. Perhaps I need a better quality wig, if you start out with less shiny fibers the baby powder will help it get to an acceptable shine level.

Does anyone here use the baby powder method on their wig and it results in fairly realistic looking shine level under direct sunlight on a sunny day? If so, what wig brand do you use?

Thank you in advance.

PS: for someone who has been away for 10 years, I wonder where has the active international lolita community moved to? Back in my day LJ was the place to be. Blue Period was pretty active too.
I checked reddit and it's not very active.

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