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questions from a beginner

Hi! I'm fairly new to lolita and although I've done a fair amount of research, I have a couple of questions, mainly about people's experiences and opinions! 

1. How do you store your dresses and skirts? in garment bags, with moisture removal/scent packets, etc? 

2. For hand washing items, what kinds of soap do you use? I wouldn't want to damage anything with harsh soaps!

3. What're your opinions on handmade items? I know the egl community is big on name-brand and buying, but I don't have the hugest budget. I can save up, of course, but I do enjoy making accessories and jewelry and I definitely want to try my hand with lolita accessories!

4. What are your preferred methods of lint/hair/fur removal? I have 2 dogs and a hedgehog and there's always some kind of fluff floating around my house. I generally use lint rollers and lint brushes for fur but do any of you have any tips? (also I want to make cute collar neckerchiefs for my dogs to match my coords at some point lmao)

5. Out of curiosity, what are your favorite coord themes? Not just color schemes but like stars and space/ocean/animals/food/whatever else?

6. Any favorite off-brand or lolitable shops? 

Aaand that's all of them. Sorry they're so long! TY for reading/answering!!


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