xratpyr (xratpyr) wrote in egl,

Lolita Drag Queen?

So, I've loved lolita fashion for years now, but had distanced myself from it because I'm a boy and I wouldn't be able to do it myself.
Likewise, I've loved drag for years and have wanted to become a queen myself, but I also distanced myself from that - having no idea where to start with my aesthetic or fashions.

Because I got into these things very separately, the concept of combining them has only occurred to me very recently.
I would like to start as a drag queen and base my style and aesthetic around lolita fashion, and would also want to stay true to the principles of lolita and respectful of it as a fashion.

I just wanted to know if the lolita community would have any thoughts on this, concerns, tips, pointers, etc.
Thank you.
Tags: request: advice, request: information

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