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[wardrobe post 2018]

Attempt №2 as LJ ate my first post and it never went through.
Apologies for posting so late - this is my first wardobe post and I horribly underestimated the amount of time it required. I also decided to include just my main pieces to save some time where I could. Next time, I'll be sure to start well in advance and take pictures of everything else.
2017 was my first full year in lolita, so I kinda went ham and bought a lot of stuff on impulse or because I thought it was a good deal, and I also like to try different styles rather than settle on one, so if I had to describe my wardrobe with one word, it would not be "cohesive" for sure :) I think it's what some people call "eclectic"? Apart from a heavy preference for navy, blue and green, my wardrobe is pretty all over the place, but tbh that's exactly the way I like it.

(I suggest opening the post in a new tab, if you open it in the community feed it effs up the layout a bit.)
Without further ado!

Ank Rouge: Halloween CATBACK Spindle OP. One of my first main pieces. I feel like Ank Rouge is really underrated, it's great for casual low-poof wear.
Mary Magdalene: Antella OP (2012). Rare case when a non-shirred MM dress fits me perfectly.
Alice and the Pirates: Queen's Coach JSK II (2011). One of my few pink dresses, I'm really not a pink person, but I like this one.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright: Fairy Print JSK (2002). Grabbed this dress from y!a on a whim and now I adore it. It's truly beautiful and came to me in excellent condition despite the age!
Baby the Stars Shine Bright: Milk-chan and Snow Strawberry Ribbon JSK (2010). Perfect winter dress, great for Christmas or St.Valentine's. Can be coorded in a festive or more casual way.
Pumpkin Cat: British Shorthairs. I love PC's cat prints, they are cute and quirky.

Alice and the Pirates: Operalia Bouquet (2011). Nice wearable classic dress. The construction is a bit odd: the bodice is quite long (most "just waist" bodices are a bit short for my torso, and this one is slightly too long), but the skirt is on the shorter side.
Lady Sloth: My Coffee Time JSK (2016; bought new from the brand in 2017). Most recent purchase, so pardon the wrinkles: I literally pulled it out of the package and onto the dress form. Love the print and the coffee bean details.
Angelic Pretty: Sweet Cream House Collar JSK (2012). It's Sweet Cream House. Duh.

Angelic Pretty: Royal Unicorn Switching JSK (2013). Love the tapestry fabric of the skirt.
Baby the Stars Shine Bright: Annaliese Rose Frill JSK (2012). Nice spring/summer dress, I like the contrast between the florals and ruffles and the darker "military" shade of green.
Alice and the Pirates: Holiday of the Hulim Hulum Brass Band (2014). Dream dress! The print is highly detailed and just stunning.

Angelic Pretty: Antique Chocolaterie (2016). Very underrated series. I like the somewhat unique style of the bodice, the muted color palette and overall elegance (for a sweet print).
Angelic Pretty: Princess Cat JSK (2016). Dream dress! The dress that got me into lolita and my current absolute favorite.
Haenuli: Moon Jelly Princess JSK (2015). I adore the layers of chiffon and the subtle gradient.

Angelic Pretty: Tartan Holic skirt (2016). Dream skirt! I love the asymmetrical details, I think it's gorgeous.
Miss Point: Cat skirt. Great skirt for daily wear, thick sturdy fabric and good construction.
Pumpkin Cat: Матрёшка Котёнка JSK (2017?). Another cute PC cat print.

Dear Celine: Marine School OP (?). Casual short-sleeved OPs are a must-have for summer. This one is cute but also very comfy!
Baby the Stars Shine Bright: Tartan Check Shirring Princess (2011). I've wanted a tartan Shirring Princess for a while and I'm glad I finally have one!
Lady Sloth: Ghost Party at the Zoo OP (2017). I love the print and the cut of this short-sleeved OP, but I am very worried about the paper-thin satin-y fabric it is made of; honestly, I don't know how long it's going to last without damages.

Angelic Pretty: Dolly Marine JSK (2016). One of my favorite and most worn dresses, very easy to coord, great for daily wear and super comfortable. Now I want more polka dots!
Angelic Pretty: Luminous Sanctuary OP (2015). I don't wear this dress often, but I don't regret buying it - I think the print is breathtakingly beautiful.
Haenuli: The Story You Don't Know JSK (2017). My beloved "X-ray dress" aka "my blue ribs". Love this print.

Alice and the Pirates: A Midsummer Night's Dream JSK I (2013). A dress with a stunning print and an unusual cut. Working on a coord right now that will do it justice.
Mary Magdalene: Angelica OP (2007 or 2011). Another great summer dress; I think due to the shape of the collar it looks nice worn without a blouse on hot days.
Mary Magdalene: Petit Fleur OP (2012?). Another dream dress. I love everything about it and don't think I will ever sell it.

Innocent World: Triangle OP (2016). My first ever lolita purchase. It's very elegant and comfortable.
Souffle Song / Neverland: Swan Lake (bought new from the brand in 2017). This dress is nice, but having worn it a few times I think it's too short for me (I'm 5'7/170cm).
Innocent World: Elizabeth Corset JSK (2016). Bought specifically for making a Hogwarts uniform coord because I'm a loser (at least it was on sale).

Angelic Pretty: Charlotte's Bear JSK (2016). My first Imai Kira collab dress, I was after it for almost a year and I LOVE it, the gold on black, the print, everything. It's beautiful.

Waiting for:

Haenuli: Stained glass: Saint Vitus OP
My 2018 resolution is to avoid impulse purchases and focus on my wishlist main pieces as well as more diverse builder pieces to flesh out my wardrobe.

That's all, thank you for checking out my post!
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