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Arisuki's 2018 Wardrobe Post

Welcome to my 2018 OTT sweet - country - classic wardrobe! I missed last year, so I tried my best to have it in by the end of January, and spectacularly failed. I hope you enjoy!

This was my wardrobe last year:
This year I was standing on the edge of my bed while the dresses were on the ground and it was still hard to get far away enough. I also nearly fell off several times and my thigh muscles feel really impressed with the workout.
I decided to go by the order in which they appear in my closets, which is chromatically for one closet and a hodgepodge for the rest, instead of organizing them in any special way.

Baby - Sleeping Beauty Rose
I purchased this on my first and only trip to Btssb NYC. It was love at first sight, and when it miraculously fit me, I knew I had to take it home and love it forever. I love it forever.

Enchantlic Enchantilly - Little Briar Rose
I just now realized I own two "sleeping beauty" themed dresses. Which is somewhat ironic because that is my least favourite Disney princess. Enchantilly's cuts are incredibly flattering on moderate to very curvy bodies - nothing like most fully shirred cuts.

Atelier Pierrot
I got this in my first ever dress trade earlier in the year! It's the only AtPie dress I've seen that even remotely suits my style, so it feels like somewhat of a miracle. The corset boning is incredibly flattering.

Angelic Pretty - Strawberry Parlour
One of my favourite outfits ever was based around this dress. It's very easy to wear because of the white base! I really like the gathering around the border print. I couldn't tell the photo was blurry because my eyes were already watering from the photos at this point.

Juliette et Justine - Lapin et Camee
This is the only JetJ dress I have ever liked, and how I like it... It helps that it's really pretty and really versatile. I think I have worn it more than any other brand dress I own, which is impressive since it barely fits me...

Baby - Rosa Mistica
The cut is not the most flattering on me, but I am obsessed with the details on this dress. From the little roses on the ribbons to the neck chain... yes. This is a good one.

Angelic Pretty - Marine Kingdom
This is my dream cut of the dress! The bodice is so amazing. I had the OP previously and am hopefully finally selling it now!

Angelic Pretty - Jewel Marine
Another blurry one, but the close up is so good! I scooped this up on sale from AP when it was at a crazy discount (under $90!), I'm truly amazed it wasn't more popular. Look at those chest ruffles! And that silky waist ribbon!

Angelic Pretty - Eternal Carnival
I think that everyone I know who bought this cut ended up selling it. It looks amazing laid flat, honestly in my opinion #1 bodice AP has done aesthetically... but it isn't great on most bodies. It's also surprisingly tight for fully shirred - on par with partially shirred I'd say.
At this point I thought I'd never get done, so I doubled up on photos. As you can tell, I both thoroughly plan things through, and am clearly meticulous for details.

Lief - My Tart & Angelic Pretty - Whipped Show Case
It's interesting to see all the different yellows used in lolita. Forget about pinks not matching, good luck ever matching yellows... Also, whose brilliant idea was it to use that shade of blue on Whipped Show Case anyway? As the main detail colour, it manages to match not a single item I own.

Angelic Pretty - Milky Berry & Cherry Marguerite
It's interesting to see that despite the difference in years between these, the colour is nearly the same. My obsession with berries runs deep - owning both felt completely justified. Just don't ask me which one I like more, I may start crying. I love these dresses so, so much.

Angelic Pretty - Magic Princess & Memorial Cake
Another interesting colour comparison. Magic Princess is a very vivid blue compared to 2009's softer palette. Sure, Memorial Cake has slightly faded due to age, but... yep that's one heck of a colour difference. Both of these are incredible and I am SHOCKED that Magic Princess didn't sell out instantly. I find it to be so incredibly flattering.

Baby - Salon de The Minette & Angelic Pretty - Dreamy Girl
Salon de The was so close to being sold off a few times, but each time managed to survive the purge. I don't own anything quite like it, that light sax + white sweet-classic combo, so it stays. The bodice pompoms are basically pipe cleaners tho. Why.

Dreamy girl is a fairly recent addition. The fit is not as ideal as I'd like but I love that it comes with a detachable belt! And it has such a 50s vibe! But also, that mint ribbon and bow is a choice.

Angelic Pretty - Day Dream Carnival & Axes Femme - Sweet Swan
There's nothing more that I could say about the sartorial masterpiece that is DDC, that has not already been said a thousand times. If I had to nominate one dress for the most "universally" flattering, this would be the one. It is the sisterhood of the travelling JSK. Sweet swan reminds me a lot of Meta's Swan Lake, but also of Baby's snowglobe print. I wore it once, and I'd like to try coording it again this year.

Angelic Pretty - Salon de The Rose & AatP - Sheherazade
I haven't worn Salon de The in a while, and I think it may be on its way out this year. I was never fully happy with my coords of it - it's very fancy but also pretty limited in colours. Maybe I'll give it one more shot. Sheherazade is absolutely brilliant. Low-key want it in black, but there's

Neverland Lolita - Perfume of Hydrangea & Innocent World - Strawberry Tarte
Perfume of Hydrangea is a truly gorgeous dress. I love the print so much! I don't particularly like the quality of the lace, but the chiffon overlay looks significantly better "on", however.
I need more casual occasions to wear Strawberry Tarte again this year. I've been getting too OTT lately.

Baby - Fairy Topialium & Angelic Pretty - Romantic Cat
These two are my "colours that don't fit anywhere else", except that Romantic Cat is lavender and not grey. It is the grey colourway, but it matches the Axes Femme dress a few photos above. Compared to Daydream Bed, whose grey is a navy. Yes, even with greys, AP never matches.
My "main" wardrobe ends here. My more classical or secondary pieces continue.

Baby - Ironing Board (Strawberry and Cherry Shirring) & Angelic Pretty - Fruity Cafe
Hey, at least these two are themed! "Old berry prints no one but berry obsessed people care about". Sadly, not sure how long either will stay in my wardrobe. Both have weird fits. The Baby dress is fully shirred, but it's so short that to get it to the proper length, I have to pull it down until it becomes a skirt. Conversely, the AP dress is cut too high for comfort and isn't super adjustable.
Baby - Ribbon Gelato & Moi-Même-Moitié - Rosenkreuz (?)
Ribbon Gelato was, for some reason, my only non-print dream item for the longest time. It has all the frump one would expect from a more old school piece, quite good. The Moitie dress does not fit at all due to the high scyes and I really should sell it and buy a dress that fits instead of keeping it -another- year in hopes of altering it.
Chocochip Cookie - Classic Rose & Vintage Rose
I don't know if those are their names, but they sure are cute! I recently was graced by the one on the left and have yet to wear it. I love how darling and frumpy they are!

Angelic Pretty - Bloom & Mary Magdalene - Fraise Cerise
These two also have something in common - they were both two of my longest-desired dream items! A long, long time ago (ok not that long, when I first got into lolita) I decided that my future 10-item capsule brand wardrobe (haha. Hah) would contain both of these dresses, one as my "only" classical piece and one as my "only" non-printed item (everything else would of course be Sweet). I'm still laughing at foolish, naive self.

Metamorphose - Strawberry Cream & Lief - Matryoshka
And hey, here we have two of my only OPs. Generally OPs are a nightmare for me because of my shoulder width, but these are pretty generously cut and a decent length. Strawberry Cream has the honour of being my only black dress at the moment, which I'd like to change. I haven't worn Matryoshka in years but it's too adorable to part with.

Angelic Pretty - Jewelry Jelly & Metamorphose - Swan Lake
No longer part of my main wardrobe due to unflattering cut regrets. My goal for next year is to swap out my JJ for the fully shirred mint. It's one of my favourite prints but I just don't get enough (read: any) wear out of it in this form.

Emily Temple Cute - Alice Candy & Innocent World - Happy Pie
I believe everyone needs a dress with their name on it! Happy pie is a dress I loved for a good while, but have kind of fallen out of love for in the last few years because of the length and the browns in it. I really really don't like or wear browns (this is the only one), and I think my coord options have always been limited with it.

Chess Story - Classical Floral & Unknown Taobao
I don't have much to say about these. They are dresses.

Infanta - Snow White & Metamorphose - Pink Lemonade
Looks like the Infanta will stay in my wardrobe as an easy Halloween costume, while I'm not sure whether Pink Lemonade will last. I hate the cut, and finally wore it in a way that made me feel confident at my city's last major tea party, but despite how good I felt, I'm still not sure I want to keep it. The only problem is, I have -so- many items that match it, from a hat to necklaces, clips, and even a matching lemon purse. Maybe I need to get meta's other lemon print instead...

Emily Temple Cute - Strawberry Baskets & Angelic Pretty - Triple Tart & Berry Chan
Oh look, berries again. Betcha didn't see that coming. Skirts don't really suit me so this year I'm considering replacing most of mine with jsks. These however may be staying indefinitely. I prefer the skirt cut of Triple Tart because I find the JSK is too overwhelmingly gingham-y.

Baby - Icing Dancing Cake, Metamorphose - Blooming Garden, Baby - Alice in Wonderland
The two on the left I'd like to replace with JSK versions. Even though I prefer the skirt cuts for these, my waist is very high so all skirts are far too short on me.

Baby & Meta - old af skirts
I wear the skirt on the left all the time to work. I don't think it's meant to be a lolita skirt? The one on the right certainly doesn't suit the modern silhouette at all.

Metamorphose - Berry Stripe & In the Starlight - Cherries
Also more part of my otome wardrobe than lolita, but these two are absolute gems. I think meta's print is my favourite rendering of berries - they look so fresh and juicy!

Leur Getter - Fruit Stamp & Fruits Basket
I decided to include a few otome pieces that I wear mainly to work or casual outings. I love both of these dresses so much! The one on the right I get questioned about a lot as a French teacher: "Why is the spelling all so bad?" "Well kids, has anyone told you not to use Google Translate? This is why."

Emily Temple - Pink Rose (?) & Strawberry Bottom
Two more staples in my work wardrobe.


This year I was too exhausted to take on the task of shooting 50+ boleros, cardigans and blouses, so... I didn't. Here's an idea of what they look like in my closets.
Because of the dim light in my room, I can use brand accessories as decor and not worry about fading. Here you can see 3 Baby floral pieces.
Some necklace holders for my most-worn items
Earring holder - earrings were my favourite accessories for a long time, and while I don't wear them as much anymore they're still a staple in my wardrobe.
Bins of purse keychains, brooches/pins, and floral clips
Bracelet stand & brand ring basket
I keep all my regular bracelets here. Simple bead style ones on top, fancier ones on the bottom.
In this amazingly blurry photo you can (nearly) see some of the hair clips that I attach to a number of things not limited to my hair (hats, shoes, jsk straps...). There are also some plastic phone strap/charms in there for some reason?
Some more necklaces. On the wall is my "everyday" assortment for work.
How I store my larger hairbows and other hair accessories (badly is how i store them)
A sample of how I organize small accessories. Small drawers are for wristcuffs, larger ones are for hair clips by colour.
Where my socks are stored
And how they are stored (by colour)
Finally, even though I decided not to include coats, capelets, bags and shoes... I figured yes, sharing my hats would be a great idea. Clockwise from top left: thrifted, thrifted, Triple Fortune, Metamorphose. I like straw hats and nothing but straw hats. No other hats will do.
Out for repairs:
Angelic Pretty - Dreaming of Macarons & Emily Temple Cute - Decoration Cake
In Transit:
Angelic Pretty - Glass Bottle of Tears
Probably Gone Forever (ex's house):
Equinox - Bloomy Carousel, Neverland Lolita - Chrono Guardian
Selling or unphotographed (in the case of bodyline):
Angelic Pretty - Powder Rose, Marine Kingdom (at least this will be sold soon!). Baby - Marie Antoinette, Cherry Cherry Fallin' Cherry,

Coppelia Walz of Time, Veronica Elisse, Hem Scallop JSK

Bodyline: l003, l187, l510, l249, l192, l303, l304, l401, l226
Chess Story: Sonata in Spring le Printemps, Flower Lolita - Sailor
Metamorphose - Fancy Bunny, Fancy Egg

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