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Wardrobe post 2018

I couldn't find the time last year to make a wardrobe post, and I could hardly do it this year although I really want to. So I focused on my main pieces, the dresses, and maybe I can come back to this post later and add pictures of the rest of my wardrobe (if I can find the time to do so). I'm sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, they don't do the dresses justice at all but with Swedish winter it's the best I could do.

Taking the photos I realised that I got a lot of dresses from Emily Temple Cute now, probably because I mostly dress very casual and I think ETC is perfect for that. If you're interested in worn pictures I do sometimes post outfit pics at my instagram but not very often I'm afraid, you can find it here if you want to.

Previous wardrobe posts 2016 2015 2014 2013

Alice And The Pirates

Victorian Cards II Jsk & Eris Jsk

Operetta Velveteen Jsk, Carousel Applique Jsk II & The End Of Immortal Eden Jsk II

Angelic Pretty

French Doll Jsk & Magical Etoile Jsk

Wonder Party Shirring Jsk, Twinkle Ornament Jsk & Cameo Window Jsk

Mode Girl Jsk

Atelier Pierrot & MAM

Unknown & Sweet Fanny World Jsk

Beth (VM) & Leur Getter

Parasol and Rose OP & Royal Cat Jsk

Baby The Stars Shine Bright

Lace Pleated Jsk, Hawase Doll OP & Dessert OP

Some Day of Ranunculus Jsk & Marie Antoinette Print Jsk

Snow Snow Salopette, Paris Window Jsk & Paris Princess Drop Print Jsk

Pocket Embroidery Jsk & Sleeping Beauty Hem Frill Jsk

Marie's Sailor Jsk, Princess Honey's Tea Salon Jsk & Cherry Bouquet Print OP

Celestial Harmonia Vega Jsk, Sweetie Gingham Border Jsk II & Angel Grosgrain Jsk II

Enchantlic Enchantilly

Both are from lucky packs so I don't know the names.

Chocochip Cookie

Unknown & Rose bouquet striped ribbon OP

Emily Temple Cute

Unknown & Pippi Flock Print Camisole OP

Bambi Forest Print OP & Rabbit Ballerina OP

Unknown, Fragrance Print Little Rose Sleeveless OP & Princess Print Jsk

Gramm (h.Naoto) & Juliette et Justine

Unknown & Bisque Doll

Innocent World

Versaille Rose Jsk & Trompe L'oeil Lace Jsk

Dollhouse Jsk & Cesky Krumlov Just Waist Jsk

Unknown & Carousel of Paris Jsk

Velveteen Rose Crown Tuck Jsk, Classical cat Jsk & Marple check OP

Candy Pattern Flare Jsk & Angel Rose Cross Ribbon Jsk

Rococo Rose Border Jsk & Antique Rose Tiered Jsk

Antique Pansy OP & Lauretta Rose Jsk

Pompadour Jsk & Antique Rose Tiered Jsk

Cord Lace Flocky Jsk & Merry-go-round OP

Georges Rose Jsk & Anniversary Rose Jsk

Dot Shantung Jsk


Antique Bouquet x 3

Fairy Tale Lace-up Pinafore Jsk & Raschel Lace High Collar OP

Rose print dropped waist Jsk & Garden Tea Time Jsk

Bouquet Print Jsk & Songbird Bouquet Jsk

Detective Jsk & Nostalgic Chessboard Frill Jsk

Old Rose Jsk & Rose print Jsk

Pintuck Frill OP & Dozing Cat Button Down OP

Quadruple Tiered Ribbon Chiffon Jsk & Lace pintuck Jsk

Kimono Print High Waist Jsk

Vintage Cameo Jsk & Dim Light Square Neck Jsk

Pintuck Tiered Pinafore Jsk x 2

Mary Magdalene

Fleur Antoinette OP

Physical Drop

Unknown & Tuck Jumper Skirt

Pintuck OP, 4 step Tiered jumper skirt & Unknown

And that's it for this time, thank you for watching!

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