March 9th, 2016

I'm looking for Lolita friends~

Hihi! So I just started to get into the Lolita fashion and well, I even ordered a dress! However, I'm kinda worried because I don't have any friends who are into Lolita, or getting into it like I am, so in that matter I feel a little alone, and due to that I've decided to search the Internet! Honestly, it was so tough finding some sites for Lolita's to be chatting at, but once finding this I thought I could get some nice online friends! ^.^ So um, I was reading the rules, and I believe this is ok to post here anyway ^.^' welp, I'm known as Pk c: I'm kinda young but I've been told I act older for my age online, also um, I would like help with Lolita, I'm trying to learn about it and I think I know enough to at least get started a little bit, but if anyone could tell me more that'd be great c: well, yeah! Thanks for reading all this! cx