January 31st, 2016

Pumpkin Cat

Does anyone know when Pumpkin Cat's Taobao is coming back online? From what I can tell they're just doing an inventory clean out but because their shop's notice is in an image I can't use Google to translate it :( They're my absolute favourite Taobao shop and I just got a new dress so I'd love to see if they have any good accessories!

Milanoo scamp shop? Or do they just share an identical name?

Hello everyone, recently LovelyLor posted a video where she did a review for a store that contacted her, you can find the video here. I checked the store out and saw it had pretty afordable dresses from taobao. But I wanted to make sure it wasn't a scam store, so I checked the Milanoo scam website post. I found out it shares an identical name with a Milanoo affiliated store. The name of the store is DevilInspired (http://www.devilinspired.com/) and the Milanoo scam shop's name is also DevilInspired (http://www.devilinspired.co.uk/) The only difference is that one is .com and the other is .co.uk. I was wondering if anyone else new about this shop, or if it's affiliated with Milanoo in any way? Thank you!

(This is my first time posting here, I'm sorry if it's lengthy or incorrect.) 

My 2016 Wardrobe post!

Hello everyone! This is actually my first wardrobe post (as I have procrastinated about doing one forever) but now I have, so yay! I've been into lolita since the early 2000s, but only started to wear it around 2011-ish.

Fun fact: I never thought I would be a mainly Sweet lolita, but my wardrobe choices say otherwise :)

Wardrobe post below the cut

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A Chipmunk

A Raine-y Wardrobe, 2016 Edition

Last year, I ran out of time and only photographed large articles of clothing. This year, I went a bit farther and got the majority of my socks, shoes, bags and accessories as well. Unlike last year, this is not a combination of my wardrobe and cinnabunnylol's. I re-shot anything that was a mix of our clothing (typically my skirt + her blouse), but I didn't re-shoot a couple skirts pictured with blouses that I sold. I just got tired. There is also a skirt I have listed for sale that I didn't reshoot (the light yellow one with strawberries), and I realized way too late into this that there is a dress in the red section that I sold (wonder queen in red).

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Cameo Window omg

Wardrobe Post 2016

2015 was the year where I went on a Lolita Vision Quest (unfortunately, 80's Madonna wasn't apart of it).
I don't have a method to my frilly madness and lately my direction is to buy what I like.
Basically, I have a girl crush on Angelic Pretty's Cameo Window, I love wine colored anything, and I'm pretty sure there's a Gothic lolita hiding somewhere.
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Hello everyone! Literally in the final hours of January I've scrapped together my post! I've been a member here for nearly a decade, but I've never done a public wardrobe post here before. My wardrobe has only grown the most in the last couple of years so I finally mustered up the will to post! Enjoy!
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