January 30th, 2016


honeyteaclover's 2016 Wardrobe

I have always aspired to submit a wardrobe post with assembled coordinates. Unfortunately, my camera and computer both broke a few months ago, so I had to complete this project entirely with my mobile phone! This year's post was a huge undertaking, but I think the result better conveys my aesthetic sense. Thank you for looking!

.|| Favorite Lolita (and Related) Styles ||.
Classic; ouji/boystle; casual/otome

.|| Favorite Brands ||.
Innocent World; BtSSB; AatP

.|| Style Inspiration / Favorite Motifs ||.
Architecture, town landscapes; night sky; forest; schoolgirl

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First wardrobe post!

Good evening :) Pleased to meet you all! My name is Bella. I'm from Moscow, Russia. Part-time lolita, part-time flight attendant :). Want to share with you my first wardrobe post :) My wardrobe is small, nevermind I'm into lolita from 2010. I share my wardrobe with my girlfriend. Hope you will enjoy :)

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Bodyline yen trick not applying during checkout?

Goodness it's been a long time since I've posted here. I'm a lurker lolita, since the fashion is expensive I only get the occassional piece. If only lolita thriftstores were in the US, haha.

But anyways, I decided to grab some shoes from Bodyline since they're fairly decent and cheap and despite the website upgrade the Yen trick seemed to be working fine...until checkout. Whenever I go to my Paypal it changes back into USD, I've tried on a few browsers, logging in/out, other currencies, nothing. But maybe it's just me and the past few days. Can anyone confirm that it still works or at least worked recently and maybe it's just a bug?

(Sorry to ask what seems like such a light question during all of the lovely drool-worthy wardrobe posts, but I just really wanted to know if the trick is supposed to still work.)