January 26th, 2016

Wardrobe Post

Hello! This is my very first wardrobe post. My collection is small, but it's been growing in the past year, a lot.

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Well there it is!
My resolutions for the new year:
To get better skilled at making my own outfits and to purchase better quality and more brand pieces.

Thanks for looking!
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Writing a story and maybe even start a little book

Hey so I am writing a story that might get turned if liked into a more detailed, longer, BOOK. I will be needing a bit of help with the exact names and all. I also was wondering anyone wants to help out in the process or have things they want to put in themselves. Comment bellow if you want anything to with it. I don't really do good with messaging that's why. But I really do see a future for the plot at least. But here is the summary!

It's about the main character Kallie-Anne (First name) who is a lolita and starts out in the story in college. (I will need help with this since I am only a high schooler! yay) Anywho she basically has memories from multiple past lives. She even has her past lives talk to her and sometimes take control of of her body and actions. The other main(ish) character is Her friend Ren who is transgender friend who is also a lolita. But It is about how Kallie (Her nickname) is trying to find people from her past lives. She also has to deal with her current life issues. It is all written in first person so far.

I am aiming currently to keep it a story so like like at most 10 pages long. But I may get further. I would love help and ideas!

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