January 17th, 2016

Roli's Wardrobe 2016: The "let's coord everything" edition

2015 was my third full year in lolita, and it was a good one for my wardrobe. I made some additions and a lot of refinements too, getting rid of the things I didn't love, even if it left gaps I need to fill this coming year. My style is primarily classic, with a bit of sweet thrown in, and I aim for versatility.

I put in a bit more effort this year and made oufits with and took detail shots of all my main pieces. I did, however, forget/not bother to takes photos of my jackets, hats, ankle socks and plain lace-topped socks. You can view last year's post for comparison here.

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Coord Challenge!

Hello everyone! This is a picture from the most recent meetup I attended, which was a New Year's potluck and swap-and-sell with my local comm. I am wearing my most recent purchase, AatP's Innocent Rosier in Ivory, with my very first lolita item ever, which is a pair of socks with lace trim. When I first discovered the fashion in 2010, I was desperate to get my hands on a real lolita item, but the best I could do was add some lace and ribbon to the top of some socks I already had... ^w^