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Hennrie's Wardrobe 2018

Hello, thanks for taking a look at my first official wardrobe post! I finished mine too late last year even though my wardrobe was fairly small, and I was too embarrassed to post it after all (I hid it in my experimental blog instead). This time around I've improved vastly by getting it done at the very end of the month, so I’m glad I finally get to be part of the tradition!

This is my second or third year in lolita—I bought my first pieces in 2013 but wasn’t really active until 2016. I wear mainly classic, but I mostly go for somber colors and an antique feel. The result: a lot of dark solids and a growing amount of VM and Excentrique (both of which I will continue to love beyond the grave). To be honest, I’ve been feeling dissatisfied with my wardrobe as a whole lately. Last year started off strong but ended up being a pretty dismal buying year, with very few wishlist items showing up. I also missed out on a few things and am now hyperaware of the “gaps” I have without them. Still, it was an important year for getting filler pieces and rounding out my wardrobe more, so hopefully I can keep that up!

All of this year’s pictures feature my shiny new dress form. I retook pictures of all my older main pieces and a lot of the accessories. I left everything else as is though, so be warned, I used a blue dress form before and the color balance is not easy on the eyes.


Saint Claire in black was my original dream dress. I had given up on it after a bad buying experience, but then both of these popped up at the same time! I believe the second one is the purple colorway (it’s aubergine in person).

I have a weakness for linen.

One of the few pieces that I prefer in a colorway other than black. It sticks out like a sore thumb in my closet.


Two more of my early dream dresses. I saw pictures of them years ago before I knew much about lolita, so owning them now is like living out a dream. Now that I think about it, I would really like to get more gray pieces.

The Hexennacht JSK is on the way to join these guys. I guess this is a collection now.

The Funeral Procession and Gloria JSKs are pretty unusual for me as far as cuts go, but they are two of my favorite prints of all time. Gloria matches with the Mary Ribbon Blouse (pictured in Blouses).

Wrapping up this section with a not-quite JSK ...

Skirts/Corset Sets

One of the first main pieces I ever got. I stumbled across Excentrique’s online shop around the time the Ghost Room series came out, and my life was forever changed.

The Steward Corset Skirt matches with the Steward Vest (pictured in Corsets/Bustiers) and Steward Beret (in Hats).

An impulse buy that turned out to be one of my favorite main pieces. I feel lucky that I came across it at the right time; I'm sure it would have ended up on my wishlist otherwise.

I don’t count this one as part of my lolita wardrobe, but it is one of my favorite items.


(shown with an underskirt)

Excentrique was by far my favorite brand for corsets. I wanted to have a closet full of their corsets and skirt sets one day (I guess that's still possible though?).


Top, left to right: Victorian Maiden Noble Lace Intuck Blouse, Victorian Maiden Lily Lace Blouse, Excentrique Tie Attached Striped Shirt, Sheglit Iris Lace Blouse
Bottom, left to right: Black Tie Blouse, School Girl Blouse, Loan 7 Sleeve Blouse, Butler Blouse (2013), Butler Shirt (2014) (all Excentrique)


One of my most recently acquired items! I haven’t worn it out yet, so I’ve left the tags on for now.

All vintage

I got these last three as part of a big vintage-buying phase I went through before lolita. The Lilli Ann coat is one of the best quality things I own (it’s a wool/cashmere/silk blend) and it accommodates huge poof. I had it shortened and the sleeves taken in, and now it works really well with everything I have. The wool capelet is an antique from the late 1800s. It doesn’t look out of place at all with Victorian Maiden, and it amazes me to think about how old it is.

Headdresses/Hair Accessories

Left to right: Antique Beast Siren Headdress and Bat Maid Headdress, Mary Magdalene Saint Claire Headdress. Antique Beast Rose Ladder Headdress, Sweet Mildred Evening Canotier, Haenuli Frill Veil

Victorian Maiden Garland Corsage Comb (top left), Antique Beast damask bow cliip (top left) and leather flower headband (top left of headbands); assorted Sweet Dreamer headbands, clips, and eyepatch (I did a couple Taobao hauls at the end of the year and ended up with a million flower accessories)


Top, left to right: Victorian Maiden Elegant Ribbon Canotier, Versailles Ribbon Hat, and beret (unidentified); Excentrique Steward Beret
Bottom, left to right: Antique Beast Ribbon Veil Bonnet and Drizzle Garden Bonnet, Triple Fortune Opera Hat, offbrand, Taobao (Sweet Dreamer and Fox Cherry)

All vintage


Top shelf, left: Antique Beast Rose Lattice Choker and Little Devil Choker
Assorted rings: Blood Milk Jewels, Alchemy Gothic, offbrand
Assorted earrings: all vintage
Necklaces: Vanessa Mooney, vintage, Lily of the Valley, Miho Matsuda, Innocent World, Blood Milk Jewels, Voodooodolly, offbrand

My favorite necklaces are Bloodmilk's Ariel spyglass necklace and suite of swords necklace. I didn't think carefully about where they were hanging though, so they're unfortunately kind of hard to see here.

General Accessories

Black neck accessories in the upper trunk, left to right: Antique Beast Aurelia's Collar, Metamorph (Etsy) lace jabot and lace shrug, handmade velvet ribbon tie
Other: Victorian Maiden crochet gloves, Sweet Dreamer gloves and lace shawls, Lumiebre parasol, vintage hand warmer


Top, left to right: American Duchess, Oak Tree Farms, American Duchess x2, vintage, Demonia
Bottom, left to right: Demonia, MILK, American Duchess, Fluevog

I'm a bigfoot, so my favorite brand for classic-friendly shoes is American Duchess. I wear the same shoes with everything since I wear black most of the time.


Back: vintage, Alchemy Gothic, offbrand, Artherapie. Middle: vintage (Lady London), offbrand. Front: offbrand.

As with shoes, I use the same bags all the time. I keep holding out for the ultimate black trunk purse, but that day has yet to come.


And that's all! Not pictured: legwear, underskirts, petticoats.

Well, doing this really enhanced the sad feels about my favorite brands going away, but it was worth it. Thanks for looking!

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