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Wardrobe Post 2018

Hi there!

This year I feel like my wardrobe quite literally exploded, so I'm proud to show my progress in my collection and to showcase my personal taste within the EGL fashion. :) My favourite styles of dresses are super sweet prints, but my love for dogs has also well and truly squeezed it's way into my wardrobe too. I adore dogs so much and I'm so grateful that there is a variety of dog prints to fill my wardrobe with. Although the range of dog prints is not as extensive as cat prints, I do appreciate that as of late, many brands have gone past the concept of dogs = only poodles. There are so many lovely breeds of dogs so let's love them equally! <3

As it has become a bit of a tradition for me to participate in the Wardrobe Post theme every year (Here are 2016 and 2017 to reflect on) so I couldn't resist joining in again this year despite my lack of adequate free time. This time it took over 2 solid weeks of photographing, editing and arranging to get this done - I should plan to start in December next year so that I don't post on the last day again. :')

Last year's goal was to get more headpieces and more dog prints. I succeeded with this! However, my goal to wear the fashion more consistently wasn't as well-achieved... My final year of university, my job, and my overall busy life made it difficult to find the time. I even took a year-hiatus from my lolita blog (which I'll be starting up again next month) because there was just no time for fun, 2017 was a work-hard year. ;o;
But in saying this, I wear vintage-inspired/otome clothing pretty much every day as it's more comfortable and practical for everyday life and allows me to still mix and match EGL bits and pieces into versatile. errand-running outfits. Now that I've graduated from university, I feel like this year might be a bit easier for me to get back into a more consistent pattern of wearing the fashion, so I can't wait! :D

Goals for next year? I'd like to sell a few pieces and kind of flatline in the number of main pieces I have. I haven't been trying very hard to sell off pieces I am no longer totally in love with as it can be stressful dealing with buyers sometimes. However, my wardrobe bar is screaming and I don't think it can hold many more dresses. It's for the best. :)

Anyway, enough blabbering - here's my wardrobe!

[A warning that this is VERY image-heavy, even more so than last year! Get those scrolling fingers ready ;)]


~ OPs ~

I would usually put JSKs and OPs together but I think we need the space in between them to breathe. :D I love the wearability of OPs, they're so comfortable and cute. Short sleeved OPs are great for when the sun turns evil every Australian Summer, too. ;)







At this point I'm tempted to turn this last replica dress into a pillow - It holds the sentimental value of being the first dress I ever had when I was 14, but I'll never wear it again and it just takes up precious wardrobe space.....hmm....


~ JSKs ~

Although OPs are more comfortable without the need for extra layers of blouses, JSKs definitely win in the versatility department. :)






(it wouldn't fit on the mannequin because the mannequin is bigger than me, oops)
I feel like although I still have so much OTT sweet stuff, I've caught on slightly to a more sweet-classic style here and there. I have always admired it and maybe because I'm getting older I feel like I can get away with it more. :) I used to hate brown with a burning passion but now I've learned to appreciate it.


~ Skirts ~

I struggle to find skirts which fit my waist, so I don't have many. I'm actually trying to sell a few of these because they're just too big. :'(
I DO however love that AP's miniskirts come with adjustable elastic so they fit just right. Why'd they stop making these???

I don't even know why I still have this last skirt. In my beautiful ita phase, I used to use it as a petticoat under my Miky-Chan replica. I was top quality. ;)


~ Romper ~

I don't really know what category this goes under, so it gets its own! I could nap in this. :D


~ Blouses ~

I have a looooot of blouses because I wear a lot of them casually under sundresses because I hate having my bare arms exposed to the world. :'D

(I swear the blouse on the right is not as radioactively pink as the photo portrays, oops)


~ Cutsews ~

I practically live in turtlenecks in Winter, so here are just my branded cutsews since they're so pretty. :)

~ Cardigans ~

I wear cardigans all year long, so I have a big supply of them while they rotate in the wash. If I don't wear a cardigan 5 times a week I'm probably very ill or it's 40 degrees outside. Even then, I'll probably put on a cardigan to stop my shoulders from sunburn. :D
A lot of them are offbrand but honestly, I think a lot of them work just fine with EGL. Princess Highway is an Australian brand which pretty much has me covered for all kinds of cutely designed cardigans, their stores are very dangerous for me when they have sales.... :')


~ Coats ~

Australia doesn't get cold enough for me to need lots of plush coats. We don't organize meets in the freezing cold either because we are like hibernating bears. But these two are a super cute exception. <3


~ Socks ~

I have two legs. Why do I need so many socks? Honestly, they usually get thrown in for free with dresses when I buy them secondhand. I don't think I've really bought many socks on their own, they just....appear. :D


~ Shoes ~

I have so many shoes, and yet my dream of lemon yellow shoes still hasn't come true...... :'(
Also interesting to mention I only own one pair of brand shoes, and they came so damaged that they live in a bag in the laundry because they were not marked as such and I can't bear to look at them. It's probably for the best that I don't own brand shoes, though, I go through shoes like a primary school boy. :')



~ Bags ~

I love me a cute bag....or, like, twenty. workI usually choose well-sized bags so I can fit everything I could ever need inside them and so I can use them at work too....there are a few exceptions to this, though (Looking at you, Fantastic Bunny Bag, you useless but adorable little pal). Currently I'm a big fan of the AP Boston bags, I can fit my DSLR in them comfortably among the rest of my stuff, plus they're made of a stronger material than the pleather ones which ALWAYS seem to peel after 2 uses. R.I.P so many bag handles which are slowly coming apart. :'(

(What could my favourite print be? Hmmm)


~ Accessories ~

I've been wearing my natural hair out with EGL a lot more frequently in this past year, which has opened new doors to what I can use and what I can't. I've been loving big buns on top of my head, cute bonnets and hats, and bows at the end of my plaits in particular. Sometimes wigs just feel like too much. My hair is also down to my butt so getting it all into a wig is just so hard nowadays. Ain't nobody got time for that. ;)

The shame collection lives in a cute little box:


~ In The Mail ~

A few of these things arrived already but I had already photographed that section of items can understand my hesitance to set up everything again just for one photo. :'D (also the pink ETC dress is actually coming in white for me, but I can't find a single photo to prove it exists in white and the seller took the listing down. Sad times.)


I've DEFINITELY missed a few things, I know it. ;o; My everyday wear and EGL wear mesh so closely together that there's always something hanging out to dry or hiding in my wardrobe. But I tried my hardest to get when I could! :) I'm really glad that my style has become something that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, it's nice to have this kind of versatility especially when life can get so busy. :)

I purposely didn't include novelty items like AP pillows + glassware + keychains etc, but I SWEAR I took a photo of my BTSSB parasol and now I can't find it. :'( It's gorgeous and frilly, just use your imagination. ;) I have a couple of damaged bags too, but they're kind of craft projects because they came to me so damaged that they don't even count imo. \o/

A further note, for curious eyes: I am looking to sell a few certain pieces, so if there's anything here that screams to your heart, don't be afraid to ask if it's on my list of things to pass on! I especially love helping people get their dream dresses so hmu. ;) The worst that can happen is that I'll say no, but I'll remember you in case I change my mind in the future. I'm pretty attached and careful with what I buy so it's not often that I sell, but some things need to move aside for new things to fill my heart with joy. :D


Thank-you so much for reading through this! I really appreciate it! :) If you want any more photos or close-ups of anything, let me know because I'm always up to pull out the DSLR and take nice photos. :D I'll also be posting more in-depth information about all my main pieces to my Instagram (slowly but surely, that is), if anyone loves a backstory to each piece then you can find me over at @bonniviwii. :)

I think next year's goal for my wardrobe post - because I love to one-up myself each year - will be to do a combined wardrobe post with my other half. We technically share our EGL wardrobes with each other despite being different styles, so I think it will be fun to photograph the contrast! Looking forward to fun fashion adventures into 2018 and onwards~

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