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Chichiri's wardrobe 2018


This is my third wardrobe post. Previous ones: 2017, 2016. I've been in fashion since 2014.

What happened to me last year:
1) I gave up on labelling myself as a classic lolita. I still like florals and Innocent World, but I also can't resist cute animal prints, silly hats and bright colours.
2) I am back to buying and wearing dresses after a year of boystyle experiments. There are just too many beautiful dresses out there.
3) I am kind of back to sewing clothing for myself, at least I found a new direction. Let's see how it goes.
4) I discovered a huge and crazy love for green and decided to give it a go.

Sadly I did not have much time to invest in making this post, so I only took pictures of my new stuff and reused the pictures from last year. I edited everything at night so the colours may look wierd. Sorry for that.

Main pieces

I'd like to showcase my love for green by starting with the green section of my 2017 purchases.

Angelic Pretty - Checkmate JSK My first AP dress
Innocent World - Bouquet Stripe Ribbon JSK This dress is so easy to wear, I'd like to buy it in burgundy one day. I am very fond of the dropped waist and this length.
Mary Magdalene - Chelsea JSK Very nice casual dress! I don't have a proper petticoat for it yet, but it's fine without one.
Lyre Ivy - Guerilla Cat MILITARY CATS!!! This print is so crazy that I fell in love instantly. When I found out that it comes in green, I had to have it.

Innocent World - Palace Rose Tucked JSK I was attracted to this print since it first came out, but was on the fence about getting it. So receiving it in a lucky pack was a good thing.
Innocent World - Anniversary rose This has been my ultimate dream dress for three years! So happy to finally have it in green!
Le Miroir - Unlimited Sea world I bought this dress because of the colour, and it became one of my most favourite green dresses.
Innocent World - Charles Crown Dress OP I've been watching this dress for 1.5 years on Maiden Clothing. Finally they made a discount.

Alice and the Pirates - Holiday of the Hulim Hulum Brass Band I've been admiring this print for a while. When I knew it came in green it instantly became a wishlist item.
Angelic Pretty - Rosette Collection Thanks AP for great discounts!
Axes Femme POETIQUE - Trick or treat Halloween (not sure of the name) The construction of this dress is terrible, yet it feels so gorgeous. I finally have a Halloween dress!
Innocent World - Pearskin Doll Tiered Jumperskirt I would like to have it in every possible colour.

Innocent World - Teddy Bear & Playing Card Suit High Waist JSK
Long ears & sharp ears - Kingdom of fairies JSK I
Handmade - Santa Catus The print was made by my friend Doremi, it is based on artworks by Louis Wain. I really enjoyed making this dress.
Angelic Pretty - Loyal Rosette skirt I received this after taking pictures of everything, so I used the Closet Child pic to fill in the spot.

Innocent World - Orlean JSK
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright - Dessert OP
Innocent World - Gislaine JSK
Lyre-Ivy Kitten Sanctuary This is the best take on gothic / religious print I've ever seen! Everything is better with kitties.

Westeros Armoire - Bunnies in Pokerland My first purchase of 2017. I preordered this with one eye open being drunk after the New Year celebration with friends. Bunnies are adorable.
Innocent World - Alencon JSK
Innocent World - Moonlight Church Napoleon JSK
Innocent World - Crown Carousel Bustle JSK

Innocent world - Flap Pocket Braid JSK
Innocent World - Embroidered Carriage JSK
Innocent world - Printed Rose Gobelin Halterneck JSK
Innocent world - Union Jack Just Waist JSK

Innocent world - Charles crown JSK
Innocent World - Cherub Angel Candlestick Church Choir JSK
Axes Femme KAWAII x Coca-Cola collaboration A friend bought it for me as a birthday gift during the Laforet event. This is one of the best birthday gifts I've ever had.
Innocent World - Bertille Rose JSK

King Eleven This dress is surprisingly popular among Russian comm, but I seem to be the only one who got the dress with production flaws.
Your Gift - Academy of Magic
Lyre-Ivy - Spoiled cat
Innocent world - Rose Flare JSK This dress is a luckypack disaster. Everyone who has bought spring oddment packs seem to have gotten 3 duplicates of it. On the other hand, it is a nice dress for casual. I like mine very much and wore it often in summer.

Innocent World - British Cutlery Just Waist JSK
Innocent world - Crest Gobelin Lace JSK
Innocent World - Bertille Rose Dress JSK
Innocent World - Trompe L'oeil Lace JSK

Innocent World - Berangere Rose JSK
Innocent World - Ladder Lace Tulle OP
Innocent World - Rose Fob Watch High Waist JSK
Innocent World - Marine Rose JSK

Metamorphose Temps de Fille - Dress 01 (Jacket and Dress Set) This set is amazing! A stock photo of it has been in my inspiration folder since forever, and I cannot believe I finally own it!
Innocent World - Rococo Rose Border JSK
Punkstreet - Tailor cat
Innocent world - Rococo Rose JSK

Innocent world - Bisque Doll JSK
Innocent World - Embroidered Carriage JSK
Innocent world - Flap Pocket Braid JSK
Alice and the Pirates - Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box Mary JSK

Innocent world - Rococo Rose Skirt
Innocent world - Baked Sweets Skirt



Handmade vest I made it as part of the set (with wide pants in the same colour) for a handmade contest at Gothic&Lolita Festival. Won!
Atelier Boz - Roland jacket (men's)
Innocent World - Tailored Bustle JSK
Innocent World - Rosa Pleated JSK

Handmade vest
Innocent World - Gretia JSK
Atelier Boz - Striped swallowtail vest
Black Peace Now

Pants - all handmade

Blouses, boleros, cardigans

Innocent World // Taobao // Innocent World // Dear Celine

Handmade // Dear Celine // Baby the stars shine bright // Innocent World

Innocent World // Innocent World // Dear Celine // Dear Celine

Innocent World // Dear Celine // Handmade // Taobao

Innocent World // Innocent World // Axes Femme // Axes Femme

Axes Femme // Innocent World // Axes Femme // Innocent World

Innocent World // Innocent World // Axes Femme // Innocent World

Innocent World // Innocent World // Innocent World // Pumpkin Cat

BTSSB // Innocent World // Milk // Emily Temple cute

Metamorphose // an another angelus // Innocent World // Innocent World

Innocent World // Innocent World

Jackets, coats

All Axes Femme
I am so happy to have all 3 of the Disney series jackets! They are comfy, easy to wear and match my wardrobe very well.

Innocent World // Innocent World // Baby the stars shine bright

Alice and the pirates // Fanplusfriend // Alice and the pirates

Shoes and boots

The only additions to my shoes collection from last year are in this picture.
AP replica // Axes Femme // taobao offbrand

Left to right:
T.Taccardi, Bodyline, T.Taccardi, Bodyline, Bodyline
Innocent World, Tamaris, Bodyline, Bodyline

Left to right:
Bodyline, Axes Femme, Oak Tree Farms
Bodyline, Funtasma, Bodyline
Bodyline, Bodyline, T.Taccardi


My hat collection seems to have grown a lot without me noticing. I am a huge fan of AatP headwear and cute stuff with animal ears. I hope to get more brand berets this year.

AatP Verne Strauss Silk Hat // Handmade tricorn // Axes Femme // Victorian Maiden Elegant Ribbon Canotier // Offbrand

AatP White Rabbit Lop Ear Silk Hat // AatP Cheshire Cat's Flying Cap // Axes Femme // Hatlock // Offbrand

AP Twinkle Toque Hat // Offbrand, decorated by me // AatP Liar Silk Hat // Offbrand // Offbrand

Plain berets are offbrand, printed are Le Miroir and Your Gift (both look ridiculous on me)


I've only added these two Innocent World bags. The Starry keynote bag is still my favourite.

HowRU (taobao) // Artmi (taobao) // Loris // Loris
Pink-Up // Beibaobao (taobao) // offbrand // Innocent World // Innocent World

So that's it, thanks for reading. I post my coords on instagram, come take a look if you're interested.
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