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Momo's Wardrobe - 2018

Yay, my first LJ wardrobe post! It's been a little over a year since I really became involved in the fashion and I'm so happy with all of the good things it's brought into my life.  My wardrobe goals for 2017 were pretty broad--I just wanted to build up my wardrobe in all areas and have enough items to wear lolita on a regular basis.  I think I achieved that goal and was able to wear a different coord/main piece every day of uni last semester! It was a lot of fun. 

Let's get started!


Angelic Pretty ~ Bunny-chan Pocket OP (2008)

Angelic Pretty ~ Toy Fantasy OP (2011)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright ~ Dreamy Pony OP (2012)

Angelic Pretty ~ Solid Color Lucky Pack OP (2010)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright ~ Amelia Sailor Collar OP (2016)

Angelic Pretty ~ Tokimeki Girl OP (2013)

My ultimate dream dress!

Angelic Pretty ~ Dreamland OP (2010)

Angelic Pretty ~ Dolly Dot OP (2016)

Metamorphose ~ CL Happy Balloon OP (2016)

Angelic Pretty ~ Kiss Me! Cat OP (2015)

Angelic Pretty ~ Holy Lantern OP (2015)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright ~ Alice's Royal Tea Party OP (2010)

Angelic Pretty ~ Milky Feather Cutsew OP (2016)

Angelic Pretty ~ Fancy Hospital Cutsew OP (2017)

Angelic Pretty ~ Jewel Collar Cutsew OP (2016)


Angelic Pretty ~ Promenade de Paris JSK (2013)

Angelic Pretty ~ Toy Parade JSK (2007)

Angelic Pretty ~ Maiden Ribbon Jacquard JSK (2010)

Angelic Pretty ~ Cotton Candy Shop JSK (2014)

Angelic Pretty ~ Whip Factory JSK (2016)

Angelic Pretty ~ Wonder Toy JSK (2016)

Angelic Pretty ~ Kurukuru Ribbon JSK (2008-2009)

This dress has such a Barbie vibe.

Angelic Pretty ~ Fancy Paper Dolls JSK (2013)

There's a teeeeeny tiny Dreamy Baby Room OP in the print!

Angelic Pretty ~ Dreamy Baby Room JSK (2013)

The first brand dress I ever bought!  I must have been 13 or 14 when I visited AP for the first time and picked this out. 

Angelic Pretty ~ Tokimeki Girl JSK (2013)

Angelic Pretty ~ Chest Switching Striped JSK (2010)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright ~ Little Royal Icing JSK II (2016)

This dress just looks like a blob of pastel from afar, but the print is really great!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright ~ Dot Ribbon JSK (2015)

Angelic Pretty ~ Fantastic Dolly JSK (2010)

Angelic Pretty ~ Wrapping Ribbon JSK (2010)

Jane Marple ~ 30th Ribbon JSK (2015)

Angelic Pretty ~ Fancy Hospital JSK (2017)

Angelic Pretty ~ Daydream Bed JSK (2017)

Angelic Pretty ~ Melty Cream Doughnut JSK (2013)

Yolanda ~ Bunny's Herbology JSK Pink (2017)

Yolanda ~ Bunny's Herbology JSK Blue (2017)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright ~ Enchanted Under the Candy Magic Spell Gelato JSK (2016)

Le Miroir ~  In the Middle of these Penguins, There is a Traitor (2016)

I didn't think a brand could come up with sillier print names than Baby does, but apparently I was wrong.

Angelic Pretty ~ Heavenly Cross JSK (2016)


Angelic Pretty ~ Ceremony Skirt (2010)

Metamorphose ~ Magical Painting Skirt (2013) 

Angelic Pretty ~ Berry-chan Skirt (2010)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright ~ La La La Swing Furry Puppy Skirt (2016)

Angelic Pretty ~ Colorful Drops Skirt (2008)


Yidhra, AP

Infanta, AP

Magic Tea Party, Dear Celine




Bobon21, AP







Meta, Yolanda


AP, Offbrand


AP, Offbrand

Candy Rain, Dear Celine

Hair Accessories

AP, BTSSB, Yolanda

AP, BTSSB, Chocomint, Handmade

AP, Sweet Dreamer, Yolanda, Offbrand


Jewelry & Misc. Accessories


The Fantasy Elephant necklace was my favorite accessory acquisition last year!! For some reason I never thought I'd see it for sale, so I hopped on the opportunity.  

MILK, AP, Offbrand

AP, Chocomint, Offbrand


BTSSB, AP, Luminescentea, Taobao, Handmade




Diamond Honey, BTSSB, AP

Kate Spade, Betsey Johnson, Offbrand

Socks & Shoes


Rosenrot, AP, Ruby Rabbit

Bodyline, Angelic Imprint, Sosic Shop, AP, Meta, Offbrand

And that's that! Thanks a bunch for taking a look.  As it is now, my main goal for 2018 is to knit a cardigan that will fit into my lolita wardrobe! I have one started, so hopefully I can show you next year.


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