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First Ever Wardrobe Post!

Hello all! This is my first wardrobe post ever. I've been collecting lolita since Fall 2014 and I just can't stick to one substyle or color.
It took a while between work and everything, but I was able to get photos of my main pieces and most of my accessories to share ^_^

I've had a challenging but exciting time so far building a lolita wardrobe for my body type (I'm 5'11" and plus sized, with 27cm feet).
I have a good number of my dream items and I'm really happy to have curated a working wardrobe for my giant self!

I decided to be lazy and exclude my blouses, peignoirs, aprons, legwear, and bloomers this year, but hopefully I can get my entire wardrobe up next year!

I just recently moved/unpacked, so everything needs a good steaming, but let's get this post going, starting with...


AatP Mermaid in the Jewelry Box

Metamorphose (name unknown)
I still need to find this in a GLB to see what underskirt or bloomers were meant to go with it.
This little skirt window/hem cutout is so mysterious!

MAM Magical Flute Marionette

Meta (not sure of name)

BtSSB Pony in Sweet Dream
I am an absolute sucker for bright, vibrant colors against a black background.

Meta's Vintage Cherry Triple Frill (broadcloth vers.)

Meta Night Carnival

MAM Champ de Fleur Enchante Skirt & Rose Tulle Lace and Frill Classical Duo Cape

BPN (name: not sure)
The embroidery is absolutely wonderful on this, and the crown tops are cut out, so you're seeing the bordeaux lining through there!

Meta Rose Flocky

Dear Celine Invented Wings Knight

Haenuli St. Vitus
I've wanted this print since I first started in the fashion and I finally have it. It's beyond beautiful.


no title
Meta (Tartan Frill?)
So well made, I adore this jsk

BtSSB Shirring Princess (not sure what year, not bustled or lined)
Nabbed this for a great price on Y!JA, but the one strap has some pretty worn elastic. I'm looking forward to getting it replaced so it doesn't look so drunk lol

AP Strawberry Parlour
I couldn't love this colorway more! *HMU if you see the yellow KC anywhere...*

Meta's Night Carnival *Coney Island on acid*
Obsessed with this print, still debating if I want the navy colorway too, just to have all 3 (and to match my novelty clutch)

IW Velveteen Rose Crown Tiered
A dream dress I was able to get pretty early on. One of my most luxurious pieces.

Miss Point
Not gobelin, but partially embroidered print. Super classy!

BtSSB Fleur Frill
I could marry the lace on this jsk...

BtSSB Shirring Princess ('06)

BtSSB Sleeping Beauty/She is Sleeping
So hype to finally have one of these applique prints!

Meta Jewel Butterfly
Meta went all out with this beautifully woven fabric. It's vibrant, it shimmers, and there's also glitter on the butterflies *-*

BtSSB Princess JSK ('12 lucky pack)

MeLikesTea JSK01
One of my greatest treasures. Tai custom made this in velveteen for me and I will always love it.


BtSSB Sweet Check <3

Atelier Pierrot (not sure of names)

Lady Sloth Baroque Lady

Sweet Dreamer (Taobao)

VM Royal Lacy Long OP
nothing in my closet rivals the construction and quality of this OP. It's exceptional.

Accessories, Shoes, & Bags

Lots of headwear, including my prized TF bonnet in there.

I love necklaces...

More headwear.

(From top left): Baby, Meta x3, Red Maria (Taobao - very floppy :( need to mod), AatP

1st row (top): Demonia, Antaina x2, Irregular Choice x2, Taobao
2nd row: Taobao x3, Offbrand x2, Taobao x2
3rd row: Demonia x2, Taobao, Custom House, Bodyline, Offbrand, Bodyline
bottom: Offbrand, Pleaser/Bordello

Shooting star, seashell, & bear bags are Loris-Taobao, all the rest is brand or offbrand

This is it for now! Thanks for looking ^_^
2018 wardrobe goals: Hoping to add more bonnets, old school, and velveteen. And to finally get some glorious gobelin in my closet/on my body.
Ooo, maybe some corduroy too! Just all the rich fabrics. Give me all of them lol

Tags: *baby the stars shine bright, *maxicimam, *metamorphose, community: wardrobe post, theme: january

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