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Hagummiers Wardrobe Post 2017

I'm wearing Lolita for 3 1/2 years now, but this is my first wardrobe post. I wear mostly classic with a hint of sweet and I'm addicted to navy star dresses.

I wrote a "behind the scenes" for this wardrobe post, so if you like, you can check it out here: https://duckduckneko.blogspot.de/2018/01/wardrobe-post-behind-scenes.html

I also set some wardrobe goals for the next year: https://duckduckneko.blogspot.de/2018/01/my-wardrobe-goals-2018.html

So, lets start :)


I don't have that many OPs. Especially long sleeved dresses are often a problem for my long arms, so I'm quite happy some long sleeved OPs still fit me.

White Bodyline OP
Coruscate Unique Blue OP

This was actually my first real lolita dress. It's actually to short for my height, but I can't let it go due to sentimental reasons.

Haenuli The Empress OP in Blue

My newest dress. I fall in love with it on the Haenuli Fashion Show in Vienna last October and allthough the sleeves are too short, I can wear it as a 3/4 sleeves OP without looking stupid. YAY!

Innocent World Mary Bell OP in light blue
Strawberry Witch OP in red
Classical Puppets Royal Carousel Long Sleeved OP


My JSK selection is mostly blue and red. I like wearing bold colours. And I'm surprised that I actually own so much :D

Metamorphose Brick House JSK blue
Little Dipper Underbust JSK in blue
Innocent World Twinkle Star Long JSK in navy-gold

I love Innocent World for their long JSKs. And here is the first of some star themed dresses.

R-Series Luna in the Sea JSK in navy

This was my first JSK I got back in 2014, and I still love it so much.

Alice and the Pirates Starry Moonlight Night Sirene JSK I in navy
Mighty Kingdom Eternal Night Sky JSK I in blue
Handmady (not by me) JSK in light blue
Alice and the Pirates L'éclair chiffon JSK in teal

This dress colour is so unique and special <3

Innocent World Delft Lotta Long JSK - blue
Angelic Pretty Victorian Letter Long JSK in green
Long Ears and Sharp Ears Goldfish and Fireworks JSK in wine
Innocent World Royal Library Long JSK in bordeaux
Baby the Stars shine bribht Tuck Frill JSK in red
Baby the stars shine bright Love ring love ribbon JSK in red

My dream dress. I saw it years ago here on EGL after I got the pink version and finally could by it from her. Still loving it so much.

Baby the stars shine bright Love ring love ribbon JSK in pink

My first brand dress. I love the red version more, but I keep this because it's my only pink dress in my wardrobe.

Infanta Floral JSK in beige
Magic Cats Street Platypus JSK in beige

I'm a huge fan of ducks, an platypus are close enough :D (Still waiting for a classical duck print)

Angel Hearts Robin Series JSK in beige


I love wearing skirts for casual lolita.

Bodyline Floral Skirt in grey
Bodyline High Waist skirt in red
Bodyline Antique Clock skirt in light blue
Camelie Fiolere (now Li-Paro) brown skirt
Handmade (not by me) floral skirt in light blue/creme
Long ears and sharp ears Moonlight Waltz Highwaist skirt in red
Innocent World carousel skirt in bordeaux

Sadly it's too small for my waist now, so I probably will sell it.

Innocent World Mary Rose skirt in blue

Socks and Tights

I only show my patterned legwear, otherwise it would be too much. I often wear lolita with plain tights as well.

Knee Socks

Blouses and Tops

Left: Bunny House; right: 2x ebay
Left: Gruftling; Right: Anna House
Left: Metamorphose; right: Lady Sloth
from left to right: Infanta, Anna House, Collectif
Taobao, HMHM
Dancing Days by Banned


Due to my height I love using underskirts for my short dresses.

2x Lady Sloth, Innocent world, Little Dipper


Dancing Days by Banned, IW, Soufflesong, Btssb, Long Ears Sharp Ears, Restyle


Bodyline, Secret Shop, Offbrand, Cucu Fashion


Bonnets, Headbows, Headdresses, Crowns
Hats and Berets
Little Bows and Roses
Brooches and Pins

And that's it! Thank you so much for reading!


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