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Sage_blossom's wardrobe post 2018!

Hi everyone; back for a third (and hopefully better) year of wardrobe posting!  My wardrobe's changed a lot this past year and I've ended up wearing the fashion a lot more often than before, plus discovered both ouji fashion and my one true love, BtSSB's Veronica Elisse JSK....I've hunted down 4 colourways so far and well, not stopping anytime soon. 

Started a lolita instagram too, so if you want to see any of these worn/coorded (plus more detail photos!), feel free to drop me a peek over at @sageblossom_frill.

If you're curious to compare, last year's post can be found here or 2016's right here!

First up, skirts! These still make up the majority of my main pieces: I just find them so versatile and they generally fit me better :)

Next up, JSKs (please excuse any slight picture quality decline in this and some subsequent pictures, I was fighting a losing battle with the Canadian winter and its limited hours of sunlight):

Blouses/Tops! (Well, a selection of those that aren't in the wash right now if I'm being honest):

Top to bottom, left to right: Taobao, Mary Magdalene, Infanta, Handmade (not by me!)
Top to bottom, left to right: Bodyline, Offbrand, Angelic Pretty, Taobao
Angelic Pretty - Royal Pleated Ribbon Jacket
Top to bottom, left to right: Offbrand, DreamV, Taobao, Axes Femme, Infanta
Top to bottom, left to right: Physical Drop, Axes Femme, Axes Femme
Left to right: Taobao, Axes Femme, Offbrand

Ouji-specific pieces:

Left to right: Bodyline (modified), Bodyline, Offbrand, Bodyline


All from Taobao (Sosic Shop) except for red & white which are Bodyline, and my trusty offbrand black oxfords

Bags/Legwear/Accessories (again, just a selection of favourites so I wouldn't be up all night taking these pics):

A big ol jumble of AP, Baby, FanPlusFriend and DreamV
Left to right, top to bottom: Bodyline, Offbrand, Taobao, Taobao, AP, Taobao, Taobao, Offbrand

Also unpictured: Parasols, bloomers, pettis, HMHM winter coat that I swear weighs as much as me....

Currently stuck in mail purgatory:

Hope you enjoyed! As per tradition, here's a few of my favourite coords of the year to wrap things up:

~See you all next year! ~


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