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2018 Wardrobe post - even more cat prints edition

Welcome to my 2018 wardorbe post, this is my fourth time making one, please feel free to visit my previous posts below
{ 2015 | 2016 | 2017 }

Since last year, I've had a trip to Japan where I did a little bit of spending as you might imagine, and fulfilled my 2017 goal of
acquiring more skirts and cutsews for casual wear. Apologies for my gross photography and editing this year, I did it all in a different room to usual so the lighting and backgrounds weren't amazing.

This one I picked up on a whim at a Closet Child store after realising I hadn't bought any JSKs or OPs from any of the CCs I had visited. I'm glad I did though as the light printed chiffon is really pretty.

I had my eye on this dress since its release, but I wasn't sure the cut would suit me. After trying it on at the AP store I knew I had to get it.

Angelic Pretty had the decency to release this the week before my birthday, so I got to open the package and wear it out as a birthday treat!

One of two miniskirts I picked up for daily wear.

I was talked into buying this off a friend at her garage sale and I'm actually yet to wear it, but it's something cute and simple enough I can wear to work.

The second miniskirt I bought last year.

I haven't been able to accurately ID this blouse. It looks almost identical to the 2008/2009 Lovely Heart blouse, but the lace is different.

I bought this one since I didn't have any long sleeve blouses in pink.

This cutsew is simple enough for daily wear, but also detailed enough around the chest to be worn under a JSK.
And I bought this one since I didn't have any high collar blouses.

This cutsew is very simple in design, I wear it often with my regular wardrobe.

This one I picked up in store during AP's winter sales for 70% off! Such a bargin.

I finalllly bought myself a lolita coat last year so I don'y have to depend on a hundred layers of shirts during the winter.

I love this AP parka and I wear it a lot both in and out of lolita. I want to get more of these!

Assorted brands, mostly offbrand and choccomint

Mostly Angelic Pretty and some offbrand

Chess Story x2, BtSSB, Angelic Pretty x3

And offbrand boater hat, Bodyline rectangle headress and Angelic Pretty beret. I bought the beret to match Dreaming Present, but I'm not sure what else to wear it with... Not picured are my plain offbrand berets, cause who cares they're pretty boring.

Angelic Pretty x7, Bodyline x3, Secret Shop x2, Offbrand x2. Buying two of the same socks in different colours was an accident. I bought the sax ones while in a Closet Child store, since they were wrapped in plastic I couldn't see the whole pattern. But it's okay since the socks are really cute anyway.

Bodyline x4, An*Tai*Na x2, offbrand x2, Angelic Pretty

Thank you WunderWelt for your 50% off deals in your winter sale

This concludes my 2018 wardrobe post. I didn't bother photographing my bags and parasol this year since I hadn't purchased any new ones since last time. For the first time I don't really have any wardrobe goals pressing on into the new year. I suppose now it's just buying up pieces that I think are really cute when I see them. Thank you for looking!
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