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strawberryjam's 2018 Wardrobe Post

Hi EGL! This is my 4th year as a lolita.
I'm a huge fan of classic lolita and the death of Victorian Maiden I have a little hesitant to do a wardrobe post this year, but I don't want classic lolita to become a thing of the past so I'm going to do my best to share my love for classic.

For those curious, my 2017 wardrobe post is here . What's changed since last year is I've obtained a lot of my dream dresses! I also prepared multiple colorways of some my favorite pieces.

My 2018 goals for my wardrobe are to obtain my accessories and less dresses (I probably say this every year, haha.) I think my dresses are often matched with beige so I 'd like to add more colored accesories in my wardrobe.

Onwards to pictures now!

( Click for larger images)

Juliette et Justine - Soupir d'ange JSK

Juliette et Justine - Coppélia OP

Juliette et Justine - Blanche Rode Ferric OP

Mary Magdalene - Cordelia Puff Sleeve OP Mary Magdalene - Mille Rose JSK

This design is so wonderfully balanced and the has has lot of beautiful details.

Mary Magdalene - Rose Basket JSK
This is one of my most worn pieces. I love mint and pink.

Victorian Maiden - Lace up Doll OP

Mary Magdalene - Farutetto JSK

Mary Magdalene - Claudette OP

Victorian Maiden - Rose Dolly Chiffon Ruffle OP

Mary Magdalene - Dellis Fleurs OP

Mary Magdalene - Classical Chiffon OP

Leur Getter - Floral Rabbit Camisole JSK

Mary Magdalene - Madeleine Chiffon OP

Mary Magdalene - Farutetto JSK

This is the second color way I've obtained this dress. Dusty pinks are my weakness and I love Mary Magdalene's dusty pink.

As much as I love Charlotte's Bear (own 2 color ways of it as well) the pink of the dress does not match the stock photo at all: (
Also the details on the bodice on Farutetto is to die for!

Mary Magdalene - Flower Basket OP

Mary Magdalene - Valeria JSK
This was a holy grail piece I acquired a year. I have a lot of Mary Magdalene florals and this is one of my favorites. I feel like mixture of colors and dusty pink in this is so unique.

Mary Magdalene - Cordelia Puff Sleeve OP

Mary Magdalene - Arabesque Rose JSK

Mary Magdalene - Tweed Rose Onepiece

Angelic Pretty - Charlotte's Bear OP

Innocent World - Rasiel OP

Mary Magdalene - Lolotte OP

Mary Magdalene - Morgane OP (in corduroy)

Mary Magdalene - Rose Basket JSK

Jane Marple - Tartan OP

Juliette et Justine - La bibliotheque JSK

Jane Marple - Fairytale Book

Innocent World - Antique Book JSK

Buillion - Sailor OP

Angelic Pretty - Charlotte's Bear OP

Moi-même-Moitié - Tulle Rose OP

I love the tulle overlay on this dress and it looks so dreamy.

Angelic Pretty - Classic Garden OP

Mary Magdalene - Muriel Jacket in cream and black

Mary Magdalene - Emmanuel Fril Jack, Victorian Maiden - Intuck Sleeve Lady Jacket

Mary Magdalene - Emmanuel Fril Jacket, Mary Magdalene - Therese Peplum Jacket

Mary Magdalene - Langue de Chat Short Coat

Mary Magdalene - Amandine Coat


My favorite headpieces from Mary Magdalene!

Novelty mugs from Mary Magdalene and Imai Kira

I love my Mary Magdalene mug. When you turn it around, you'll see it says 3 th anniversary;)

Shoe collection

I love my strappy shoes from Jane Marple, but I'm not sure I should keep them when they do not match my classic wardrobe too much. Or perhaps I should just collect more Jane Marple dresses;)

In the mail -

Thanks for scrolling down so far and I hope you've enjoyed my wardrobe post!
If you'd like to see my coordinates, you can find my Instagram here .


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