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sweetexpedition's 2017 to 2018 Wardrobe Post

I sold off many of the dresses that I wasn't going to wear again during 2017, and was able to get a few more of the prints that I'd been wanting. I haven't included any dresses which are being sold in this post.

Here are my 2015, 2016 and 2017 posts.
As always, you can find me at sweetexpedition on instagram.

I'm arranging my post by colours this year, to the best of my abilities ´ヮ´
You can open the photos in new tabs and zoom in, and I'd suggest you turn your brightness up for a better viewing experience!

Lolita Dresses

BtssB Koitsukihime Love Moon Stained Glass Angel JSK | BtssB Koitsukihime Love Moon Stained Glass Angel Ribbon OP
(I have been blessed by Mana, but also separated from cash lol)

AatP Stained Glass Window JSK | AatP Castle of Nightmares JSK

IW Westminster JSK | IW Angels in Stained Glass JSK
(regret getting both of these in the church collar cuts since I like the underbust cut more now)

AatP Rapunzel Doll OP | AatP Hymn of Departure JSK
(Thinking of wearing the Rapunzel Doll OP to this year's OTT high tea.. hopefully!)

AP University OP | Luna Rossa End of Vanitas JSK

AatP Ragnarok JSK

LIEF x Cloudchamber Night at Basilica OP | MmM Stained Glass Print Chiffon OP

AatP Gloria JSK | BtssB Angel's Whisper JSK
(I still cri everytiem)

ecailles de lune Forest of Pipe Organ JSK | AP Misty Sky OP

AP Chocolate Rosette JSK | AP British Crown JSK

AP Mercator JSK | AP Astro Regimen JSK

AP Lucky Key OP | Meta Vampire JSK

IW Rottenburg JSK | IW Grazia Crown

AatP Poison Cellar JSK | AatP Mother Goose Cock Robin JSK

AatP This is My Blood OP | AatP Madame Blanche JSK

AatP Scheherazade JSK | Meta Dim Light JSK

IW Strahov JSK | IW Royal Library JSK

AP Fairy Tales JSK | AatP End of Immortal Eden JSK

AP Bookmark JSK | AatP Royal Crown Tea Package JSK

MmM Tulle Rose OP | BtssB Secret Garden JSK

AatP Tiny Horoscope JSK | AP Dreamy Doll OP

AP Toy Harmony JSK | IW Antique Doll OP
(Toy Harmony was definitely an impulse buy - I couldn't leave the AP 1/1 sales without buying something ;w;)
(I keep saying I'll wear Antique Doll, and I'll wait until I actually do before I sell it lmao)

Meta Kimono Print JSKs
(I love wa-lolita but haven't had the courage to coord any of these yet)

High Waist JSK (2005) | Pinafore JSK with Corsage (2014)

High Waist Pinafore JSK (2010) | Crossover Front Pinafore JSK (2013)

Otome Dresses

JM Royal Library JSK | JM Royal Collection JSK

JM Old Library JSK | JM Anniversary Frame OP

JM Royal Library Tromp L'Oiel OP

PF Tea Emblem JSK | Grimoire Astronomy OP

ETC Chocolate Bar OP | MILK Donut OP

Socks and Tights

The new socks and tights I received this year - you can find my previous ones in my 2016-2017 post c:

Meta, IW, AP x 5, AatP, AP | AP, AatP, AP x 2, MmM, AP x 4

BtssB, AP x 3, IW, AP | AP, BtssB x 3, AP, AatP


My most practical bags - MmM, Meta, AatP, Meta
My novelty bags, they still hold a nice amount of stuff - AP, IW, MILK, AatP, AatP
(I think I'm lucky that the novelty bags I like don't have chapstick sized holding capacities)

Book bags, yas (and the kuma I forgot to include with the novelty bags) - AatP, IW, Btssb, AP, AatP
Another forgotten novelty bag - BtssB

Novelty Items

These are my two favourite novelties that I got in 2017!

AatP JUCCAL Print Long Cloak | AatP Stained Glass Angel ceramic jewellery box
(The cloak is super hard to photograph, so this is just a pic of the print details!)

I decided against going through all of my accessories and novelties (plus everything else) this year because they're all scattered around in different storage spots, and I suspect it would take me longer than an age to find everything I wanted to show.

Thank you for taking a look, I find these wardrobe posts are great for keeping track of the progress or backtracking I've made over the years :)
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