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My First Wardrobe Post: Old School & Gothic in 2018

It's been a long time since I saw a Japanese street snap magazine in my local library when I was 9 years old and fell in love. Now, I'm happy to finally make my first wardrobe post! I feel like I've reached a point in my collection where I've collected most of my dream pieces.

Old School Moitie and Baby whore.

AATP Beauty and the rose promise (2010), Moitie Iron Gate skirt; my pride and joy which I finally got this year after dreaming of it since forever :') (2006), FRILL Macaron Cutsew (2012), and Putumayo Arch OP. The Gloves, Round, and Rectangular Headdress are AATP. Rose Cross Pendant is Moitie.

AATP Stripe Chiffon Blouse, BTSSB Corset, Moitie Gothic Arch Long Skirt and Jsk (2005), which has the longest waist ties I have seen on a dress, ever. Taobao Nameless Poem (2014) and Beret.

MAM Blouse, AATP Beauty and the Rose Promise Skirt (2010), Moitie Jewlry Print OP (2011), BTSSB Blouse (2013) and Madeleine Jsk (2002).

JetJ L'Eclat de Croix Jsk; I'm agnostic but Jesus was calling my name for this one! (2008) , AATP Vampire Requiem (2009?), Axes Femme Poetique Jsk.

Taobao Jsk, Bodyline Portrait Jsk (2011), BTSSB Christmas Ornament Jsk (2007), and Kumakumya (2014), Taobao Crown Jsk, Bonnet is from SurfaceSpell. Christmas Ornament was my best friend's first lolita dress, and she wanted me to have it <3

BTSSB Coat with Cape (2006?), BTSSB Paris Embroidery Usakumya (2007), AP Crown Trump Skirt (2005), BTSSB Cutsew, Cornet JSK, Anna House Blouse, and Bodyline OP I never wore XD.

Bodyline OP, ToAlice Purse, FRILL Bolero, Ank Rouge Biscuit Jsk, Bodyline Jsk,

I was too lazy to picture all my closet fillers, so this is where I stop :) Any recommendations on removing greenish rust out of old AP pieces with metal?

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