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Roli's Wardrobe 2018

Hi everyone and welcome to my wardrobe post! This is my sixth time posting and marks about six and a half years in the fashion for me. If you're curious about how my wardrobe has progressed, you can view my 2017 post here (and every year I post a link to the previous year). I also blog a lot over at Roli's Ramblings, including a lot of flatlay outfits, because they are the best.

Header 2.jpg

Main Pieces
I have stuck things into collages according to theme this year in an attempt to not have a bajillion images in this post and these are in no particular order. Enjoy!

classic browns.jpg
Starting off with the brown and ivory pieces. My custom underbust JSK is still one of my absolute favourites! I also cannot wait to wear Classical Bustle, it's so stupidly pretty. And an utter pain to iron. By contrast, the Lyris JSK is made of a magic martial that never needs ironing. If you're an Aussie looking for custom made anything, I totally recommend Lyris.

Then we have the miscellanoues sweet things, that are only coherent due to their incoherence with the rest of my wardrobe. Jurassic Party still makes me stupidly happy, Flower Bottle is still a pink as ever, and Tartan Check never grows old. I really want to do something tackily old school with Tartan Check this year, and want to figure out a good casual way to wear Jurassic Party.

odd florals.jpg
Continuing the theme of miscellany here are my assorted classic pieces which don't fit a particular colour scheme. Anniversary Rose is a dream for me and I sometimes can't believe I own it! My handmade skirt and Rose Birdcage are two good simple pieces that are easy to wear, though I need to craft some more headwear options to go with the handmade skit.

pink sweet.jpg
One of my favourite things in sweet lolita is black x pink, and it has turned out that black x pink in tea party themes is my thing. I mean, sure, Egg Art does not exactly fit that brief but I thought it looked really nice in the collage all the same. Patisserie Dream is an absolute favourite of mine, so cute and easy to coordinate!

Sweet in brown is another thing I really enjoy! I realised in taking these photos that the bottom row of shirring on Jam Paradise is busted, and that I really need to fix the front panel of my chocolate JSK. Le sigh. I'm hoping to maybe get my hands on another foodie sweet print in brown in 2018...

red classic.jpg
Classic in red...will I sound like a broken record if I say that this is a favourite as well? I just love all the things I own, they are all favourites! But in particular Dim Light makes my heart go doki doki - always has and always will. Princess Rose is also gorgeous and I modified the straps so it actualy fits my big old Western torso. And the Bodyline skirt is just so versatile and easy, I've had it for many years and can't imagine getting rid of it.

brown floral.jpg
Brown florals! Brown florals are love, and these two dresses are probably some of my most worn, especially the one on the left. You could say these are two are the workhorses of my wardrobe!

I keep saying I want to wear less black but I'm trying to be honest with myself...and honestly I just really do like wearing black (especially with pink...see above!). The VM skirt is technically and underskirt, I think, but I can't properly ID it. Shirring Princess is so stupidly cute and such a perenial lolita piece; I'm very happy to own it. And, as usual, the Bodyline JSK is just such a useful piece and is well worn.

black florals.jpg
Can you tell that I like floral prints? Both these pieces have been modified a little; the one on the left has had all the detachable bits detached, and the one on the right I lengthened with the bottom ruffle.

And last of all, my berry collection! I really love my berry prints! Berry Stripe is the newest addition to this wardrobe section and I've already worn it several times. Chocoberry has been a perenial favourite, and I often wear my hadnmade skirt casually. I think I need to replace the shoulder elastic on Berry Stripe though...

Blouses & Cutsews
Once again collaged for your viewing pleasure and in no particular order, my tops!

misc blouse.jpg
Starting off with a couple of oddballs that didn't fit neatly in to categories by colour or style. But I love both of them, they are sme of my favourites.

bw cuts.jpg
I've mentioned I love black and pink, but I also really like black and white! Technically the Meta cutsew is ivory or unbleached, but still, it's close enough!

brown blouse.jpg
The trusty browns. I keep wanting to replace the Infanta blouse but have not managed to find a suitable upgrade!

black bl.jpg
Good, simple black pieces. I actually have the cutsew from The Black Ribbon in ivory as well and they're rapidly becoming my go-to pieces to wear with skirts.

white SS.jpg
The one thing I don't like about old-school style blouses like that one on the bottom? I spent ages ironing the lace...and it loos like I haven't don e thing!

white LS.jpg
If you think that blouse from The Floral Notebook looks familiar, you're right. I own it in three colours, and used to have a fourth as well. What can I say? It's a good blouse for me!

red ls.jpg
I have a filthy mind, and love the fact that the AP cutsew is called "Pearl Necklace" ^__^

pink bl.jpg
Pinks! The Bodyline blouse has been modified by removing one of the rows of chest ruffles, and I very much like the result.

For this post, I did something that I basially never do and pulled out my coats along with my boleros.

outer odd.jpg
Let's start with the odd things! I got the IW capelet in a Lolita Desu lucky pack and though I would never have bought it myself I love having it!

My two proper coat things. I love them, but basically never wear them because to be honest, when it's cold enough for coats I live in track pants and not lolita!

brown boleros.jpg
The browns! Unfortuantely my trusty handmade bolero got damaged in the wash and has some lightening across the back, but I still wear it. However I am vaguely searching for a replacement, because I wear this a riduclous amount.

black outer col.jpg
And the blacks! The eBay coat is my regular winter coat, which is a bit worn by now, and I chose it because it's loliable.

White bolerso.jpg
Finally, the pale ones. The lace bolero is stupidly pretty, and I wear the Heart E one an awful lot.

Hair Accessories
This year I did not photograph my huge collection of dimple ribbon bows, even though I've added to it since last year. Just know that I have at least one, but more likely three, small bow clips in every possible colour. They are stupidly useful.

I am not going to label the photos from here on out but if you want to know where anything in particular is from please just ask!


Other Accessories
Continuing the trend of "I didn't photograph this thing" I didn't take a picture of my other fur and lace collars. There's not change in the department from last year!

Fawn fur.jpg
But I did take a glorious photo of my fawn fur collection! I am so proud of this collection and how far it's come this year. I still need more, of course. The collection will never be complete.

One of my aims for 2018 is to improve my jewellery collection, and I did already start making moves in that direction in 2017. So for the first time ever here's a peek into my jewellery collection!

My bracelets are much more impressive than my necklaces and rings!

And I'm rather pleased with my wristcuffs. I want more, of course, but these cover all my bases quite well.

Socks & Shoes

OTKS are one of my favourite things about this fashion, and I'm rather proud of my collection.

Ankle Socks.jpg
I also own quite a few ankle socks, which I never include in wardrobe posts because a. most of them are your bog standard white or black or pink ones and b. once they are worn (and mine get worn a lot) they look pretty manky. However, I pulle out a few of the more intersting pairs I have yet to wear to showcase this year.

I like shoes!

And I like boots!

I have not included my two everyday black bags, which are also suitable for wearing with lolita, but here's most of them! The gobelin one is my favourite.


In The Mail
I'm currently waiting on a few things, so I thought I'd share a little collage!

in the mail.jpg

I hope you enjoyed my wardrobe post! I certainly enjoyed looking at everyone's myself ^__^

If you enjoyed my wardrobe, feel free to find me on social media.
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