December 2nd, 2015

Questions for Gothic Lolitas: Victorian Mourning

Hello everyone! I'm writing a seminar paper on Victorian Mourning influence on Gothic Lolita fashion. I don't have a clear thesis yet, but I would like to ask a few questions for the EGL community. Here are my current topic ideas: The Gothic Lolita aesthetic romanticizes elements of Victorian Mourning, which reveals a nostalgia of overt presentation of grief, or The Gothic Lolita fashion style reveals a fascination for mourning and a romanticization of the dead (and undead). I plan to do a close-reading of a Gothic Lolita garment: the one I have chosen is the AATP JSK Funeral Procession of the Rose (in the Bordeaux colorway). I would also like to draw connections between lolita fashion and Victorian fashion, in the sense of colorways: lolita series often have different possible colorways, and during Victorian times, mourning dress resembled high fashion except in matte black (for deep mourning) or shiny black and/or accent colors (for half mourning or second mourning).

Feel free to discuss anything related to mourning themes in lolita fashion in the comments, even if they do not directly relate to my question. Thank you so much!
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QutieLand customer service question

Back in October I tried using QutieLand for the first time. I ordered Infanta's Frozen World JSK in navy.
When I ordered it their site said "In stock", they accepted my order and I paid straight away but more than a month later my order still says "waiting for stock confirmation".
I've tried contacting them multiple times asking if everythings okay but I've had no response. It's been over a week since I sent the first email asking for an update.

Does anyone have any experience with QutieLand's customer service? Do they usually not update their "watch your order" page?
This dress now says "Out of stock" on their website so I'm getting worried