November 30th, 2015

A few quick questions I can't find the answers to...

Hi everyone,

I've been researching Lolita for a few years now and have finally decided that I'm going to act on this and become one. I've managed to make a few dresses and skirts but what's really pushing me is finally wanting to make a petticoat and some bloomers -- Canadian weather pushing me into doing what I've always wanted. So I have a few questions regarding:

1) Is there a set length for bloomers or what would anyone suggest as being a really great length for bloomers if there is no standard length?
2) Your favourite/best petticoats, whether bought or made, what are they made of?
3) Do any DIY lolitas have any tips for making these items fancier?

I suppose those are my only questions. I would love as many answers as anyone could give, or even pics of inspiration or links to tutorials that you've used and love. Anything would be helpful! Thank you all so much in advance! (and if this type of post isn't allowed, I'm soo sorry -- I'll delete it)

GLW: What are they up to now?

Back in March, it was revealed that Gothic Lolita Wigs (and their sister brands Rockstar Wigs, Cosplay Wigs, Dolluxe and Dollite) were accused of being racist towards African-Americans. On top of featuring their Jezebel wigs in a photoshoot featuring RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Coco drinking Arizona Tea and eating watermelons (not to mention how "Jezebel" was a 19th century term for a "loose woman"), they've also lightened models' skin tones to be more "doll-like" and even created to feature the same wigs on black women.

People have also said that the wigs have gone down the toilet in terms of quality, frizzing and tangling easily for something that could cost upwards of $70 USD. Not to mention shoddy customer service and allegations that they've pilfered ideas and designs from MintyMix.

Well no longer exists and when I typed in the web address, it just ported me straight to GLW (which is now apparently under the Dolluxe name). The Jezebel series is nowhere to be found and there's also a few new wig collections available for purchase (I have to admit, I kind of like the Hologram 12" and 22" series...)

Still, it makes me wonder if they truly have redeemed themselves or if one should still avoid them like the plague. Has anyone purchased stuff from them or interacted with them in any way, shape or form?