September 18th, 2015

doll, pullip

Comms in North West England?

Are there any local Lolita communities in North West England, particularly in either Liverpool, Preston or Manchester - those kinds of areas? I really want to make some friends and dress up to the nines! Liverpool would be best, as it is only half an hour from my home, but I'm not sure if there's anything there.

First Coord!

Check out more pictures and the coord breakdown here.

Forgive my inability to pose naturally and my boyfriend's inability to wait until I'm ready to take the picture. So yeah, I finally got a whole lolita coord together! here's the breakdown:
JSK: Modified Bodyline l031 in brown Blouse: Forever 21 (with added lace). Purse, Hat, Jewelry: Handmade. Gloves: Vintage. Shoes and Tights: Target.
I'm really proud that I only spent around $40 total between the dress itself and the craft supplies for the handmade things. Everything else in the coord is stuff I already owned. Even the petti was one I already had for my prom dress back in high school and I managed to alter it to work. I'm very excited to wear this to all the cons next year and maybe I'll go to some local comm events too!