September 7th, 2015

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I've been out of the loop of the lolita community for a few years, so I was wondering whether you guys had any recommendations for shops that sell chiffon blouses? I'm looking for one in off-white or cream, ideally 3/4 or princess sleeved, to go with my pockets embroidery JSK (cream, first ed with Marie Antoinette's monogram to the sides).
It doesn't matter what shops you recommend - I'm open to brand, Chinese or Korean taobao shops (although I've got no idea of how to shop from there yet, like I said I've been inactive) or independent brands led by lolitas within the community.

On a slightly related note, is anyone here going to Kamijo's Royal Night in Paris and if so what are you wearing? That's what this outfit will be for!

Thank you! x