August 28th, 2015

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Hey dollfaces <3

Would anyone be interested in starting a penpal-ish group? Like anyone can join in, we swap addresses and send each letters/stickers/small gifts - whatever you feel like stuffing in an envelope and slapping a stamp on is fair game. I'm a huge fan of handwritten letters, and I thought some of you might too. I mean, the best feeling in life is getting something in the mail, amirite? Just comment your ideas, thoughts and/or concerns below and *fingers crossed* we can get this started!

Latest Acrylic Nail Art Ideas For 2015

Acrylic Nails are best for nails fashion now a days. Large variety of fake nails is available in market and you can design your nail in many ways. Here are some Latest Acrylic Nail Art Ideas for 2015. Fashion industry is in change nowadays and makeup artist and cosmetics companies are in race of introducing different and stylish designs in industry. Nail art is no exception. Recent trend in nail art industry has generated so many different fashions of nail art. Acrylic nails are those for whom there is problem of broken nail. Acrylic nails are easy to manage and affordable then expensive gel nail. So girls unleash your makeup kit and add some new designs of acrylic nail so you can look different and stylish from rest of girls. You might also be interested in simple acrylic nail designs for Beginners.
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