July 26th, 2015

choko lolita bear

Lolitas in CA near Modesto, Stockton, or Sacramento?

Hi I'm relatively new to the egl community and I'm sure this question has been asked many times. But are there any Lolitas in Modesto, stockton (lol), or Sacramento in California? I live in Lodi which is a small town in between all these other bigger towns and I'm looking to meet other Lolita's! Everyone I know doesn't really support my Lolita fashion style and i don't mind. I still do my thing. I'd just really like to meetup with others and dress up and not feel different. I've never dressed up outside so for my first time I'd like to be with others. Anyway, thanks for looking!

Co-ord Advice: Looking for a purse

Hello there! I am trying to find the best option for the very last piece of my first co-ord: the purse!

I did a Taobao order at the begining of June, but unfortunately I had my mind set on a red purse at the time, so I didn't order a purse with the rest of my things, which I now greatly regret. I'd like to avoid doing another Taobao order for only one item, because I'm hoping to have my whole co-ord together by mid-August at the latest since my comm has many meetups at the end of August.

I've found two purses on StoreEnvy that I like but I'm not sure which one to get, or if they would even be worth it with the exchange rate from USD to CAD plus the cost of shipping. One ships from Shanghai and one from Hong Kong. I was thinking of this purse in black or this purse in pink. The first purse is also avaible for less on My Lolita Dress, but they only have one black in stock.

Below the cut is a picture of all my co-ord pieces photoshopped together. The earrings and bracelet aren't exactly what I have, but they are very similar. The rings are currently coming to me in the mail. I've also included a picture of everything together without the bracelet and earrings.
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Lady Sloth communication

I recently bought from Lady Sloth. She sent a form for measurements via email and I sent my measurements back. She never replied saying whether she got them or not. The I had a change I needed to make/clarify, so is sent her another email reply, and there was no response then either.

I've heard that Lady Sloth can sometimes have bad communication, but recent reviews made it sound like that was on the uptick. Does anyone know if she's in some way unavailable? I'm just worried she hasn't gotten anything from me- or worse, she got my measurements, but not the amendment to them, and now it'll fit wrong :(