July 25th, 2015

Sweet Lolita for an Older Lolita

Okay I know the subjet of 'am I too old for lolita' has been beaten to death, but that's not exactly what this is about. I've been sort of out of lolita for a few years, and I'm sort of trying to get back into it. But I'm 25 now, and trying on some of my things just made me feel a bit silly. However, I still really adore sweet, and prints, and I've never been too into classic.
So I was wondering if you guys have any tips/pics/inspo for dressing in sweet lolita, but maybe looking a bit older? i did see some very nice ideas i liked just looking around, but I'm hesitant to post picutres of lolitas here without their permission, so i apologize for lack of a reference here as to what I'm looking for.

Edit: Thank you all for your lovely suggestions and comments, you're all so sweet! I promise I'm not changing my style do to pressure to look older, I honestly just wasn't a fan of the way I looked in a lot of the ultra-sweet prints (and I'm an AP girl, so a lot of the prints I have are some of the REALLY sweet ones, haha). And I also just want to specify, just in case, I hope I didn't make any older lolitas feel bad by this post. Because I'm also a VERY firm believer that lolita doesn't have an age, and you should dress in what makes you happy! And you guys are rocking your sweet lolita, I've just grown out of it a bit, personaly!
That being said, thank you all for your wonderful tips, after reading a lot of this and searching around more, I found out that Otome is more the style I'm wanting to lean toward now! I had no idea what it is, but it's exactly what I'm looking for! So thank you all so much for helping me figure that out! You guys are wonderful <333