June 24th, 2015


Japonica Market review - Negative.

Hello everyone, just wanted to write a review about my bad experience with Japonica as they seem to be a recommend Y!Japan\Mbok shopping service.
Tl;dr- Japonica Market will change your shipping form without notice.

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If anyone has recommendations for another Y!Japan\Mbok shopping service feel free to add them in the comments!

Anime Matsuri and John Leigh (TW: sexual harassment)

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More information

Petition (links to the Spanish, Japanese and Chinese language versions are provided)

Buttcape's account (chronicles John's harassment and how he's tried to control the Houston Lolita community)

This Facebook post (on the page LACE - Lolitas Against Cyberbullying and Exploitation) condemns John's behavior and the fashion show's lack of professionalism and organization.

Ambassador Arthael Walkingshadow announces her resignation from JLA amidst the controversy.

Chokelate (owner of Lockshop Wigs, who provided wigs for this year's fashion show) shares her story on her blog.

Girlyhoot reveals her experience modeling for this year's fashion show on her tumblr page.

Another model shares her story.

John Leigh himself tries to clarify all the accusations against him, only to shift the blame on his accusers.

The JLA's announcing their investigation of Anime Matsuri.

Minori tweets that she will no longer work with Anime Matsuri. It's been translated to English.

The Lolita Collective announces that they won't be returning.

You can also share your experiences on LACE's tumblr page anonymously (with screenshots if available).